April 23, 2014

Post-Tawsing Position

Her Punishment Position

After enduring 36 hard strokes from the tawse, Kajira must hold a very uncomfortable disciplinary position until all the sand has trickled from the hour glass.

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Tawsing Tara Somerville

Tawsing Tara Somerville

Smoking-hot intern Tara bares her delicious backside for the tawse after she fails to complete an important project on time. Watch her bottom cheeks bounce and ripple spectacularly as the strap does its work.

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Scholarship Girl Tawsed

Tawsing Lola Marie

Lola Marie attends a Victorian school founded to educate promising young women. She works hard and tries to behave herself, but the rules are very strict and she keeps breaking them. Soon Lola finds herself standing before the schoolmistress, facing the ultimate sanction.

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Red-Hot Nanny Tawsed

Tawsing Hellen

Lying to her employer earns sexy sitter Hellen Baker 35 strokes of the tawse. The licks hurt badly enough across jeans, but when the denim is lowered, then Miss Baker really learns her lesson.

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Eighty Tawse Strokes

Tawsing Camilla Scott

To her chagrin, coed Camilla Scott learns the severe penalty for chewing gum in class. An 80-stroke tawsing should teach the naughty lass to leave her oral fixations at home.

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Strapping His Secretary

Belinda Lawson Tawse Spanking

Beautiful secretary Belinda Lawson has extra motivation to be on time. Her boss is a fervent believer in corporal punishment and administers one tawse stroke for every minute she’s late.

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Video: Tawsing Jolie

Jolie Snow is long overdue for a discipline session, having racked up a list of offences including disrespect, overdrinking and not adhering to her bedtime. After her mouth is washed out, Jolie’s bottom pays dearly for her misdeeds.

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Jana’s Tearful Tawsing

Spanking Jana Tatum

For borrowing the car without permission, inconsiderate houseguest Jana Tatum receives 30 strokes of the tawse across her bottom. Before the punishment is over, Jana’s buns are stinging and her eyes are wet with tears.

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