Kylee’s Naked Tawsing

Spanking Kylee

Beautiful spanking model Kylee Anders strips topless to fetch the tawse. After several strokes, she is told to remove her skimpy thong and take the rest of her punishment in the nude. Click Here for free photos and video of Miss Anders up against the wall for discipline. … [Read more...]

Video: Tawsing Sophie

Her Tawse Whipping

Twenty-two year old Sophie displays every inch of her sexy, athletic frame as she submits to a nude whipping from the leather tawse. And oh how it stings her gorgeous bottom! Click Here for free photos and video Sophie crying and dancing as the heavy, split strap snaps across her naked flesh. … [Read more...]

Amelia Tawsed and Caned

Amelia's Punishment

Naughty coed Amelia-Jane Rutherford is in big trouble after fighting with girls from a rival academy. For her violation, Amelia is tawsed, caned and forced to kneel on the punishment tray. Visit the free Updates area at Spanked in Uniform for photos and video of errant students, maids and waitresses receiving corporal discipline. … [Read more...]

Tawsing Stacy Stockton

Tawsing Her

When Stacy forgets to pay the phone bill, her naughty young bottom pays the price. Seventy-eight burning licks with the tawse remind Stacy to be a responsible consumer. Click Here for free photos and video of Miss Stockton’s strict domestic discipline. … [Read more...]

Heavy Tawse Spanking

Alison Miller Tawsed Bare Bottom

“Bring it on honey,” Alison says, taunting her jealous stepsister. “Your ass is mine,” Allaura responds, while applying the tawse to Alison’s tender bare flesh. Click Here for free photos and video of Alison paying dearly for her bravado. … [Read more...]

Tawsing Belinda Lawson

Tawsing Belinda's Bottom

Bending over the gym horse in her school uniform, with panties pulled down, Belinda receives 36 bottom-rippling strokes from the two-tailed strap. Click Here for free photos and video of Miss Lawson’s traditional punishment. … [Read more...]

Tawsing Alison Miller

Tawsing Alison

“I deserve this spanking, so give it all you’ve got,” says sexy secretary Alison, after she fails to properly book a flight. Thirty-six licks with the tawse make quite an impression on her bodacious, bouncy backside. Click Here for free photos and video of Miss Miller’s workplace discipline. … [Read more...]

Post-Tawsing Position

Punishment Position

After enduring 36 hard strokes from the tawse, Kajira must hold a very uncomfortable disciplinary position until all the sand has trickled from the hour glass. Visit the free Latest Updates area at the Real Spankings Institute for more photos of pretty rule breakers being punished. … [Read more...]

Tawsing Tara Somerville

Tawsing Tara

Smoking-hot intern Tara bares her delicious backside for the tawse after she fails to complete an important project on time. Watch her bottom cheeks bounce and ripple spectacularly as the strap does its work. Click Here for free photos and video of Miss Somerville’s sexy corporal discipline. … [Read more...]