March 30, 2015

Sinn’s First Switching

Sinn Sage winces in pain as Chelsea Pfeiffer takes a whippy switch to her bottom for the very first time. Sinn’s sexy midnight spanking is escalating into something quite intense!

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Gallery: Whippy Switch

A platinum-blonde lass is sunbathing in her blue swimsuit, when her disciplinarian arrives to whip her young bottom with a slender, knobby switch. Unfortunately, the tight swimsuit material stretched across the girl’s butt offers her very little protection!

Click Here for the free photo gallery of this punished miss changing into street clothes and inspecting her well-beaten backside.


Gallery: Benched Wench

A magnificent blonde trollop is tied to the punishment platform for a sound thrashing. She writhes helplessly as the biting branches mark her firm young bottom.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of this naked girl’s corporal punishment.

Gallery: Rural Switchings

A group of cruel Russian soldiers have entered the village looking for information. If they have to thrash a few peasant girls to discover the truth, then so be it.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of poor, country maids getting the switch.

Gallery: Fetch a Switch

A curvy, busty girl is forced to pick out a branch for her disciplinarian, who turns it into a cruel punishment tool. The naked wench is then tied to an outdoor post, where she receives an extended and merciless switching.

Click Here to view this free gallery of an exposed young woman taking her welts.

Gallery: Village Thrashing

A wayward country girl receives a good thrashing in the village center, before being chased naked through the fields by an angry mob of women armed with switches.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of this naked peasant wench being disciplined the really old-fashioned way.

Gallery: Pick Your Branch

Young Agnieska has the dubious honor of picking and preparing the very switch that will be used on her bottom. Unwittingly, she selects the perfect implement, a very flexible branch which bites deep into her tender flesh.

Click Here for free photos of the poor girl’s painful naked thrashing.

Gallery: Outdoor Switching

It’s severe punishment on the open range for sweet, naked Helen. The poor girl is switched on her buttocks and thighs until there’s almost no room for additional welts.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of this sorry young lady’s outdoor discipline.

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