March 1, 2015

Bryanna’s Spatula Spanks

Something is definitely burning in the kitchen! Sexy, blond Bryanna discovers that a slotted spatula stings like the fires of Hades when applied to her shapely, naked biscuits.

In this production for Spanking Bare Butts, Bryanna plays a call girl who receives a long, blistering spanking from her client’s incensed wife. Looks like she picked a bad day to wear butt floss instead of panties.

Spanking Bare Butts

Amber’s Spatula Spanking

Spatula Spanking Bare

Naughty freshman Amber Davies receives 107 biting spanks from sorority enforcer Stacy Stockton. “I never thought something so small could sting so bad,” Amber sniffs.

Click Here for free photos and video of Miss Davies getting her buns toasted.


Kitchen Spatula Spanking

Kitchen Spatula Spanking

A food fight with cake ingredients escalates into a spanking when one of the girls arms herself with a cooking utensil and assaults her adversary’s bare bottom.

Click Here for free photos and Here for video of the sexy hanky-spanky.

Spanking Sarah

Ashley’s Spanking Memories

Ashley Rose Spatula Spanking

Ashley Rose is a cute blonde who was spanked a lot growing up — by her dad, the live-in nanny and even her babysitter. All of this history provides a lot of material for Ashley’s spanking reenactments.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of Miss Rose getting the wooden spatula applied to her curvy bare bottom.

Dixie Comet’s Spatula Spanking

New spanking model Dixie Comet is a perky girl who was spanked by Mom up until her teen years. Dixie was bratty, defiant and loud, requiring frequent doses of maternal discipline.

Click Here for free photos of Dixie dancing in front of the wooden spatula.

Snow Mercy Spanks Porcelain

Porcelain reports that she was spanked often by her mother while growing up. As a young woman, she now frequently indulges in spanking play — and her round, curvy bottom can absorb quite a lot of punishment!

Click Here for free photos of Snow Mercy spanking Porcelain with hand and spatula.

Broken Across Her Butt

Amelia Rutherford receives a vigorous kitchen spanking for missing her discipline appointment, but perhaps the last laugh is hers as the awful spatula snaps across her naked bottom cheeks.

Click Here for free photos and video of Amelia’s painful punishment.

Hot Buns for a Cheeky Waitress

When Danielle the waitress takes it upon herself to spank a rude customer from the local girl’s academy, Mike the cook puts the sassy young server over his own knee for a dose of the wooden spatula.

Visit the free Updates area at Spanked in Uniform for photos and video of old fashioned discipline at Mike’s 1950s diner.

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