April 23, 2014

Video: Spanked Strumpet

The fine people at Bun Beating Fun describes Madison Mercedes as an “imperious strumpet whose conceit rivals even that of the mythical Narcissus.” Which apparently entitles them to relieve Madison of her clothes and spank her fine behind!

Click Here for free photos and a complimentary video clip of Miss Mercedes raising a terrible, noisy fuss as her bottom heats up.

Bun Beating Fun

Corporal Punishment Peeper

Spying on Spanking

Maisie knows she shouldn’t spy while poor Sally gets a bare-bottom strapping, but she simply can’t turn away. Don’t get caught Maisie, unless you want a red backside of your own!

Click Here for free photos and Here for video from this old-fashioned discipline scene.

Mouth Soaping and Birching

Mouth Soaping Amelia

It’s aversion-therapy time for rogue model Amelia Rutherford. First her irate agent pushes a bar of soap into her mouth, before lashing Amelia’s bare bottom 34 times with a wicked bundle of switches.

Click Here for free photos and video of Miss Rutherford’s double punishment.


Idle Maid’s Corporal Discipline

Lazy Maid Birched

Sensual but lazy domestic servant Ashley is caught drinking and smoking when she should be doing the housework. Since regular spankings don’t seem to improve her behavior, this time she’ll be getting the heavy strop and the wicked multi-cane.

Click Here for free photos and Here for video of Ashley’s double punishment.

English Spankers

Naughty Pledge Punished

Spanking Penelope

After breaking six sorority house rules, pledge Penelope is up for a disciplinary review before senior sister Josette, who relishes her position as queen bee at Lambda Sigma Zeta.

Click Here for free video clips of a saucy blonde brat being spanked, strapped and paddled hard for her willful disobedience.

Paddling Miss Murray

Spanking Stephanie Murray

With her uniform skirt up and cotton panties down, stunning coed Stephanie Murray bends over to be spanked 233 times with a table tennis paddle.

Click Here for free photos and video of Stephanie’s bare-bottom smacking.


Video: Caned Before Work

Krissy is on her way out the door when Liam stops his sweetheart and tells her to call in late. So Krissy obediently tells her boss she is having car problems and won’t be to work on time. But the real reason is because Liam wants to cane her bottom.

Click Here for free video clips of a tattooed wild child submitting to her boyfriend’s kinky desires.

Video: Thieving Nanny

Lizzy Madison gives sticky-fingered nanny Michaela McGowen a good dose of the brush for pilfering $200 in petty cash. As you can imagine, the stingy wood is quite effective.

“A brush on my bare tush is always worse than I expect,” Michaela admits.

Click Here for free photos and video of Miss McGowen over Lizzy’s knee.


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