Video: Thieving Nanny

OTK Bath Brush Spanking

Lizzy Madison gives sticky-fingered nanny Michaela McGowen a good dose of the brush for pilfering $200 in petty cash. As you can imagine, the stingy wood is quite effective. “A brush on my bare tush is always worse than I expect,” Michaela admits. Click Here for free photos and video of Miss McGowen over Lizzy’s knee. … [Read more...]

Video: Pretty Liar Punished

Samantha Woodley Mouth Soaping

She’s stolen and she’s lied, so even Samantha Woodley must admit that she’s earned her 74 strokes of the loopy cane, which is followed by a good mouth soaping and a spanking. Click Here for photos and video of a punishment Samantha won’t soon forget! … [Read more...]

Video: Sexual Spanking

Paddled Slave Girl

A lusty slave girl receives sensual discipline from her mistress, who is more than eager to rain the paddle down upon her pet’s plump, receptive bottom. Click Here for free video clips of the girl-on-girl spanking and mutual stimulation. … [Read more...]

Video: Snow’s Spanking Education

Snow Mercy Spanked

Willowy Nikki Rouge demonstrates how she exerts control over her much larger girlfriend, Snow Mercy. Using skill, confidence and a leather strap, Nikki reminds Snow who calls the shots in their relationship. Click Here for a free video clip of Miss Rouge disciplining her raven-haired Amazon. … [Read more...]

Gallery: Spanking Ludella Hahn

Her British Spanking

American pinup model Ludella gets a taste of firm-handed British discipline, playing an errant coed punished by a strict school administrator. The cheeky girl learns that spankings really do hurt, even if you’re all grown up. Click Here for free photos of Miss Hahn getting her bottom warmed. … [Read more...]

Video: Vivian’s Hairbrush Spanking

Hairbrush Spanking

Vivian Sweet misses a dinner date with her husband because she was out lingerie shopping. Since the punishment should fit the crime, Vivian receives a long OTK brush spanking while wearing her new red negligee. Click Here for a free video clip from this sexy domestic discipline scene. … [Read more...]

Video: Sophia’s Judicial Caning

Judicial Caning

Having pled guilty to driving under the influence, voluptuous redhead Sophia Locke faces prison time and fines, unless she agrees to a 24-stroke caning while bound nude over the spanking bench. Click Here for an extended video preview of Sophia getting cane welts applied to her backside. … [Read more...]

Video: Katherine’s Stairway Spanking

Spanking Katherine

Crawling topless to her room, stunning Katherine Askew is whipped all the way up the staircase with a riding crop. That will teach her not to walk around naked. Click Here for free photos and video of Katherine getting the crop across her bottom. … [Read more...]

Video: Bare-Butt Brush Spanking

Her OTK Brush Spanking

“Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow,” is how Kat responds to the OTK hairbrush spanking she receives from Lily. Who would have thought that little brush could sting so much, even on bare skin! Click Here for free video of mouthy, defiant girl being punished. … [Read more...]