January 25, 2015

Video: Paddling Alina

Alina Paddled Naked

Alina’s bottom was just made to be spanked, so you’d think she’d know better than to misbehave. We think you’ll really enjoy the noises she makes during discipline, especially when the paddle is brought into play!

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Bun Beating Fun

Painful Yardstick Spanking

Her Ruler Spanking

Naughty college girl Camilla Scott must grab her ankles for 36 burning strokes, after admitting that she quit school to work at an adult magazine.

Click Here for free photos and video of Camilla receiving a yard of punishment.


Tammy’s Hairbrush Spanking

Hairbrush Spanking Tammy

Poor Tammy finds herself bent over the lap of her psycho mother-in-law, who delights in spanking the girl’s bottom with a wooden hairbrush.

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Fetish Movies

Belinda Spanked Topless

Spankng Belinda Lawson

Stripped down to just a thong, Belinda Lawson bends over for a long, hard OTK smacking that puts a crimson hue across her jiggling butt cheeks.

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Fresh Red Cane Stripes

Cane Stripes

Probation officer Molly Malone makes delinquent Nimue Allen fetch a cane from the office cupboard and bend over the sofa for punishment.

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Free Spanking Video Previews

Sample dozens of free clips from classic, highly-rated spanking videos at our sister site, Spanking Previews.

Click Here to watch spanking superstars such as Pixie, Samantha Woodley, Sinn Sage, Amelia Rutherford, Audrey Knight and Jenni Mack getting their naughty bottoms warmed for your enjoyment. It’s fun, it’s hot and it’s absolutely free!

Camilla Scott Caned Naked

Caning Camilla Scott

When hot-bodied coed Camilla Scott sheds her clothes for a magazine photo shoot, the moral lapse results in some very painful consequences for her pert little backside.

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Kat’s 50-Stroke Strapping

Spanking Katherine St James

Fighting with Samantha Woodley earns Katherine St James a long, hard butt-whipping. Listen to her trembling voice cry out as the leather cracks across her pert little bottom.

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