Video: Spanked to Tears

Jessica Spanked to Tears

Break out the hanky and enjoy four Free Video Clips from Tears, the movie where gorgeous young women are spanked, paddled and strapped until their eyes are wet and their punished bottoms are beet red. Click Here for free photos and video of Real Spankings stars Caroline, Jessica, Donna, Claire, Kathy, Bobbi, Lori, Brandi and Kailee getting tanned good and hard. … [Read more...]

Video: Sassy Girls Paddled

Two Girls Paddled

With their pajama bottoms lowered, Sarah and Jenni reluctantly bend over the couch for discipline. Miss Chris then paddles their naughty bare butts until she’s satisfied that both girls have learned a good, hard lesson. Click Here for a free video clip of two brazen young ladies getting their bottoms smacked. … [Read more...]

Video: Stevie’s Hairbrush Spanking

Spanking Stevie

Missy walks in to find Stevie playing with her makeup and ruining most of it. After a stern scolding, Missy gives the naughty blonde a good hairbrush spanking and then sends Stevie to her room. Click Here for a free video clip of a mischievous girl getting her bare butt tanned. … [Read more...]

Video: Sorority Sister Spanks

Dani Spanking Belinda

“I let her have it hard and fast,” laughs Dani Daniels, after punishing her beautiful, busty sorority sister Belinda Lawson for inappropriate conduct. Click Here for free photos and video of from this sexy sorority girl spanking scene. … [Read more...]

Video: Her Interrogation

Naked Caning Punishment

Heartless interrogators order the serving girl to remove her clothes and lay on top of a desk. After binding her exquisite body to the platform, they use a cane to encourage her cooperation. Click Here for free video clips of a helpless miss bucking and twisting beneath the strokes. … [Read more...]

Aboard Disciplinary Ship Genesis

SciFi Spanking

Interstellar ensigns Milena and Scarlett ignored their duties while frolicking on the holodeck, so both of them have been summoned to the Captain’s quarters for a sound paddling, followed by lashes from his new whip. Visit the free Updates area at Spanked in Uniform for more photos and video of these sexy starship officers receiving corporal punishment. … [Read more...]

Gallery: Sexy College Spanking

Spanked Coed

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Video: Secretary CP

Secretary Spankings

A novice secretary arrives at her new job and is amazed to discover that the girl she’s replacing is getting spanked on her last day. Then on the company tour, the newbie observes a paralegal being caned for fudging her numbers. It’s only a matter of time, of course, before the new girl gets her own bottom warmed. Click Here for free video clips of errant office girls being … [Read more...]

Video: Paddled Panties

Michaela Gets Paddled

A night of drinking earns the pajama-clad Michaela McGowen 10 hard swats with the wooden paddle. “I only have one word to describe this sequence: Ouchie,” she says. Click Here for free photos and video of the board cracking against Michaela’s panties. … [Read more...]