February 28, 2015

Caning Belinda Lawson

Caning Belinda Lawson

For getting a little tipsy at the business dinner, Belinda is sentenced to a 19-stroke, bare-bottom caning. That ought to sober the girl up!

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Chloe’s Therapeutic Caning

Chloe sees a new counselor, Sir Nik, who likes to use old-fashioned discipline to help his patients focus. To conclude her first session, Nik gives Chloe a firm therapeutic caning. It turns out this is exactly what the girl needed!

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Video: Toasting Ella

Ella is a mouthy, young tart who finally gets a guiding hand, right where it will do the most good. Oh how her legs kick in those gaudy vinyl boots.

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Bun Beating Fun

Video: Nude Hairbrushing

“You are so going to get it,” he tells Taylor Rayne, just before turning the naughty, naked beauty over his lap for a hairbrush spanking. The intense sting has the girl kicking and squirming in no time.

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Belinda’s Stinging Swats

Her Paddle Swats

With hands on the wall, school bully Belinda Lawson receives 12 burning swats from the Principal’s big paddle, right across the seat of her jeans.

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Cell Block Spankings

Woman Prisoner Spanked

A defiant young woman is incarcerated for possession and disrupting the peace. Unfortunately her smart mouth gets her in trouble with the prison’s sadistic guards, who tie her to a metal bed frame for a good, old-fashioned strapping.

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Video: Her Messy Room

An untidy young lady gets a firm motivational spanking over the paternal lap. Maybe a sore, throbbing backside will remind her that trash goes in the garbage can, not on the floor.

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Amelia’s Belt Spanking

Spanking Amelia Rutherford

Lying on her tummy with panties lowered, Amelia Rutherford receives 43 strokes of the belt for her misbehavior. Oh how she whimpers as the leather does its work.

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