August 27, 2014

Snow’s Spanking Education

Spanking Snow Mercy

Willowy Nikki Rouge demonstrates how she exerts control over her much larger girlfriend, Snow Mercy. Using skill, confidence and a leather strap, Nikki reminds Snow who calls the shots in their relationship.

Click Here for a free video clip of Miss Rouge disciplining her raven-haired Amazon.


Caning His Elegant Secretary

Caning His Secretary

Leia-Ann Woods is the secretary for exacting boss Thomas Cameron. Day 10 of her training starts with a detailed inspection, where he runs his hands over her tight corset and skirt, examining her for faults.

After the scrutiny, he tells Leia-Ann to bend over and touch her toes for eighteen cane strokes. Leia-Ann tries to remain stoic as she lifts her skirt to reveal her gorgeous bottom. But will she keep her composure during the pitiless caning?

Click Here for free photos and video of a stylish secretary being caned.

Amelia’s Congratulatory Spanking

Model Spanked Bare

Troublesome fashion model Amelia Rutherford wins a lucrative new contract and her agent decides to celebrate by giving the leggy blonde a good spanking over his knee.

Click Here for free photos and video of Miss Rutherford getting her lovely bottom roasted.


Gallery: Vocal Reaction

A raven-haired waif is stripped naked and stretched along the low bench for punishment — which produces both vocal protestations and some very animated kicking and rocking.

Click Here for the free photo gallery or Click Here for a short video snippet.

Jodi’s Very Long Spanking

Spanking Jodi Biltmore

Draped over her instructor’s lap with bottom bare, foul-mouthed Jodi Biltmore gets the rebellion spanked out of her. Cussing out a teacher earns her 230 smacks and a cherry-red butt.

Click Here for free photos and video of Mill Biltmore’s lengthy OTK punishment.


Spanking Zahra Stardust

Spanking Zahra Stardust

Award-winning porn star Zahra Stardust joins Pandora Blake in this orgasmic spanking scene. A warm-up spanking is followed by soft and hard strokes with the strap, all while Zahra moans with arousal.

Click Here for free photos and video of Zarah’s gorgeous bottom getting smacked.

Tara’s Red Hot Paddling

Spanking Tara Somerville

Impertinent coed Tara Somerville dances around the office after she feels the Board of Correction across her little bottom. A dozen firm swats leave her backside red and throbbing.

Click Here for free photos and video of a naughty blonde getting her butt paddled.


Naughty Burglar Punished Bare

Brush Spanking Punishment

Pretty little thief Camilla Scott is bent over the snooker table for a hand spanking, a leather strapping and some very painful smacks with a wooden bath brush.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of Camilla’s bare-bottom corporal punishment.


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