March 30, 2015

Strip Teaser Spanked Naked

Spanking Model Adriana

Bored at home one sunny afternoon, mischievous Adriana decides to taunt the pool boy by revealing her feminine goodies through the window. Obviously such brazen exhibitionism cannot go unpunished!

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Nimue’s Backlash Caning

Caning Nimue Naked

Nimue Allen submits to a 50-stroke hard caning in defiance of new UK porn restrictions. After 25 strokes, she strips completely naked, grits her teeth and presents her backside for the second half of her ordeal.

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Kylee’s Naked Tawsing

Spanking Kylee Anders

Beautiful spanking model Kylee Anders strips topless to fetch the tawse. After several strokes, she is told to remove her skimpy thong and take the rest of her punishment in the nude.

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Her Painful OTK Belting

Off camera the girl admits that she likes getting spanked hard, even when it really hurts and she’s struggling to get away. Well the leather belt puts her bravado to the test!

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Spanking Nikki Brooks

Spanking Nikki Brooks

Greedy, ruthless and opportunistic talent agent Nikki Brooks receives an old-fashioned spanking that makes her squirm and howl.

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Bun Beating Fun

Caning Amelia-Jane

Caning Amelia Jane

Miss Rutherford’s toned bottom receives 12 stinging strokes of the cane after she is caught trying to sneak out from witness protection.

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Video: Chelsea Spanks Amy

Chelsea Pfeiffer is assembling her memoirs, using Amy Hunter as her ghost-writer. However, as Chelsea goes on about her life, Amy nods off to sleep. Appalled that anyone could possibly be bored with her story, Chelsea wakes Amy up. Really wakes her up!

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Naughty Pledge Punished

Spanking Penelope

After breaking six sorority house rules, pledge Penelope is up for a disciplinary review before senior sister Josette, who relishes her position as queen bee at Lambda Sigma Zeta.

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