September 19, 2014

Amber’s Tearful Spanking

Stacy Spanks Amber

Sassy, disrespectful college babe Amber Davies is thoroughly punished by her sorority sister Stacy Stockton. Even when Amber starts to cry, Stacy continues smacking her naughty bottom.

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Video: Unfunny Valentine

Cute and spankable AnnaBelle Lee pushes her luck too far when she sends Chelsea Pfeiffer a rude, prank Valentine card. The vulgar joke earns AnnaBelle a trip over Chelsea’s knee, where she gets a good spanking with a heart-shaped wooden paddle!

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London Derrieres Caned

Nude Girls Caned

Three spirited British ladies travel to Las Vegas to raise hell, but wind up getting their panties lowered for a caning instead. Positioned side-by-side in their birthday suits, the pretty party girls get some nice stripes to take home with them.

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Adrienne’s Corporal Punishment

Caning Adrienne Black Bare

Adrienne Black’s eyes fill with tears as she’s spanked, caned and strapped for wearing shorts to the office. After Johnny spanks the leggy blonde, his lovely wife Stacy takes over with the implements.

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Video: Tears for Sophie

Hot-bodied Sophie strips down to her socks and bends over the spanking table for a hard licking with the thick, black strap.

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Video: Brat Smacking

Model and actress Hollie Stevens is in a very cranky mood, but the shoot photographer knows just what to do. A painful and sustained spanking takes the blonde prima donna down a peg.

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Bun Beating Fun

Video: Pixie’s Strapping

The delightful Amber Pixie Wells flashes the red fanny (and misty eyes) she received in the Punished Brats production of Family Strap.

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Two Sassy Girls Paddled

Paddling Two Girls

With their pajama bottoms lowered, Sarah and Jenni reluctantly bend over the couch for discipline. Miss Chris then paddles their naughty bare butts until she’s satisfied that both girls have learned a good, hard lesson.

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