July 28, 2014

OTK Hairbrush Discipline

Her Hairbrush Spanking

Ten gives her defiant sister-in-law a good spanking on her tights with both hand and a wooden hairbrush. When Pandora continues to protest, Ten bares the tart’s bottom and continues to spank long and hard.

Click Here for free photos and video from this domestic hairbrush spanking scene.

Private School Paddling

Spanking Stephanie Murray

When sexy coed Stephanie Murray foolishly claims that a dog ate her homework, the assistant principal bends the girl over for 26 swats with a paddle.

Click Here for free photos and video of Stephanie’s toned bottom feeling the burn.


Video: Spanking Spoon

Noble women bring their errant daughters to the brutish Mr. Slim for intense corporal punishment. With heavy hand, cooking spoon and leather belt, he makes sure young ladies are properly disciplined for their misbehavior.

Click Here for free video of a very sorry lass getting the wicked wooden spoon.

Bottoms-Up Punishment

Her Bottoms Up Spanking

Lying back with legs held high over her head, Alison Miller offers her peachy bottom for discipline. Allaura Shane takes full advantage of the situation, administering 175 lashes with the riding crop.

Click Here for free photos and video of Miss Miller presenting a perfect target.


Video: Crying Kelly

Kelly Divine is a very naughty young woman, renowned for her exquisite bubble butt. However she’s never been properly spanked, until now.

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Bun Beating Fun

Tawsing Stacy Stockton

Tawsing Stacy

When Stacy forgets to pay the phone bill, her naughty young bottom pays the price. Seventy-eight burning licks with the tawse remind Stacy to be a responsible consumer.

Click Here for free photos and video of Miss Stockton’s strict domestic discipline.


Video: Big Sister’s Brush

In trouble again at school, Charlie is briefly relieved to see her older sister Beverly come to her aid. But to Charlie’s surprise, Beverly asks to use the headmaster’s office and gives the mischievous girl a thorough hairbrush spanking.

Click Here for free photos and video of little sister writhing under Beverly’s brush.



School Spanking Fantasy

Her Spanking Fantasy

Dressed in a tight school uniform, Pandora preens for the camera, showing off her very spankable bottom. Then, bent over a chair, she smacks herself with her bare hand and a black leather slipper.

Click Here for free photos and video of Miss Blake’s private self-spanking session.

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