January 29, 2015

Gallery: Paddled Redhead

It’s a colorful day for this redheaded lass when she’s soundly Spanked at Home. Repeated swats with the crimson wooden paddle add a rosy blush to her naked posterior.

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Lauren’s Bare Strapping

Strapping Her Bottom

When the naughty miss can’t stop snickering during biology class, she earns herself some very painful and embarrassing discipline.

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Hairbrush Spanking OTK

Hairbrush Spanking

When Joelle uses photo editing software to disparage several professors, disciplinarian Beverly Bacci gives the girl a good hairbrush spanking, followed by swats from her big wooden paddle.

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Father Christmas Spanks

Santa Spanks Her

Two bored housewives decide to dress up as schoolgirls and tease Kris Kringle at a local store. This proves to be a big mistake, as Santa knows how to discipline naughty young ladies.

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Gym Class Bully Caned

Caning Jenni Mack

Jenni is sentenced to a well-earned beating for harassing another girl in PE class. Unfortunately for the young hooligan, the athletics coach administering her punishment has a deep dislike of bullies.

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Syrena’s Discipline Day

Spanking Syrena Hard

After a long spanking, Syrena is ordered to touch her toes for a very hard whuppin’ that leaves her bottom bruised and her face wet with tears.

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Laura’s Last Hope

With all of her other options exhausted and the cane about to fall, Laura appears to be calling on divine intervention to save her from Miss Shuttle’s wrath.

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Jenni Spanked in Uniform

Spanking Jenni Mack

Jenni Mack’s regulation panties are pulled down to her knees after she tries to steal answers for the midterm exam. Her already spanked sister, Sarah, watches sympathetically while rubbing a sore backside.

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