Gallery: Chanell’s Revenge Spanking

Hairbrush Spanking

New girl Chanell gleefully tans the brats who spanked her, stinging their bare tushies with both her hand and a wooden hairbrush. Click Here for a free photo gallery from this eight-girl sorority spanking scene. … [Read more...]

Video: Maternal Discipline

Spanked in the Kitchen

Stevie is the product of a strict upbringing and usually is very well behaved. But when she’s caught smoking at school, this model student has to take a note home to her mother. Stevie admits to Mom that spankings have always been good for her and that receiving a firm one now might help her resist peer pressure in the future. Click Here for free video of Stevie getting a … [Read more...]

Amelia Spanks Niki Flynn

Amelia Spanks Niki

In a sexy and adorable schoolroom scene written by Miss Rutherford herself, Amelia plays a young teacher forced to deal with an ambivalent America student, played by the now-retired Niki Flynn. (This "lost" footage of these two spanking superstars was unavailable until now.) Take the extensive free tour at Northern Spanking for more photos of genuine spankophiles sharing … [Read more...]

Gallery: Paddling Tawny

Tawny Paddles Madison

When a sexy teacher’s assistant (Tawny) mistakenly marks a hot coed (Madison) as being absent from class, the stage is set for confrontation. Using her hand and a wooden spanking stick, Madison convinces Tawny to correct the error. Click Here for free photos of the girl-on-girl school discipline. … [Read more...]

Four Girls, Four Straps

Strap Spankings

These very naughty young ladies have earned themselves an intense punishment session. It won’t be long before their bare bottoms are feeling the kiss of four different leather straps. Visit the free Latest Updates area at the Real Spankings Institute for more photos of errant girls being disciplined. … [Read more...]

Their Very Hard Strappings

Hard Strapping

Two naughty coeds drop their regulation panties, bend over the desk and submit their young bottoms to the horrible leather strop. Visit the Recent Updates area at Bi Spanking for more free photos of uninhibited, girl-loving spankos receiving red-hot backsides. … [Read more...]

Detention Girls Spanked

Teacher Spanks

For shaming their school in a cookery competition, Lexi and Sarah are sentenced to detention for the rest of the term. When cookery victor Keeley visits the detention room, things boil over and corporal punishment ensues. Click Here for a free photo gallery of very naughty girls getting hot, spanked bottoms. … [Read more...]

Video: Bare Butt Caning

Caned Cheerleader

A senior prank (stealing the varsity cheerleaders’ clothes) has dire consequences for cheer captain Kelly Morgan. Touching her toes, the blonde hottie has to present her backside for 15 stokes of the rattan cane. Click Here for free photos and video of Kelly’s school discipline. … [Read more...]

Video: Kelly Spanks Her

Kelly Payne Spanks Her Good

When a young woman refuses to conform to the school’s dress code, Kelly Payne squelches her rebellion with an over-the-knee, bare-bottom spanking. Soon the girl’s bottom is cherry red and she’s renouncing her contrarian ways. Click Here for free video clips of a pretty miss learning to respect the uniform. … [Read more...]