Gallery: Ruler Retribution

Her Ruler Spanking

Brandi discovers that if she slacks off at work, she gets the wooden ruler applied to her tight, white panties. Then with her young flesh still stinging, she has to sit her sexy bottom back down on a very hard desk chair. (That makes for a squirmy afternoon!) Click Here for the free photo gallery of Brandi bent over for her workplace spanking. … [Read more...]

Painful Yardstick Spanking

Ruler Spanking

Naughty college girl Camilla Scott must grab her ankles for 36 burning strokes, after admitting that she quit school to work at an adult magazine. Click Here for free photos and video of Camilla receiving a yard of punishment. … [Read more...]

Teacher’s Wooden Ruler

Teacher Spanks Her

The cutest girl in class lets her grades slip, giving teacher the opportunity she’s been waiting for. Lifting the girl’s skirt and lowering her colorful panties, she spanks her lazy student with relish. Visit the free sample galleries at Cutie Spankee for more photos of pert Japanese girls getting their little backsides warmed. … [Read more...]

Clare Spanks Pandora Blake

Clare Spanks Pandora

Disgruntled escort Pandora makes the error of spanking her superior, Madam Clare. After composing herself, Ms. Fonda returns the indignity, bending Pandora over for a good, hard lesson. Click Here for a free photo gallery of Miss Blake’s bottom feeling the wrath of a hard palm and wooden ruler. … [Read more...]

Syrena’s Severe Punishment

Severe Spanking

After getting her bare bottom thoroughly strapped, Syrena receives further discipline courtesy of a hard, thick wooden ruler. Visit the free Latest Updates area at the Real Spankings Institute for more photos of wayward girls getting their butts reddened. … [Read more...]

Educational Spankings

Teacher Spanks

Teacher is fed up with these two naughty coeds and their bad behavior. The girls don’t pay attention in class and have a terrible attitude toward their studies. Perhaps some old-fashioned corporal punishment will straighten them out. Click Here for a free photo gallery of disruptive girls being spanked in class. … [Read more...]

Belinda Thrashed in Detention

Thrashed in Detention

Cheating on an exam? Bent over a desk, with her skirt raised and panties pulled down, Belinda Lawson receives 12 smart strokes for her shameless lack of integrity. Click Here for free photos and video of Miss Lawson in detention, getting a full meter’s worth of corporal discipline. … [Read more...]

Some Old-Fashioned Discipline

Old Fashioned Discipline

Times may have changed, but the traditional methods for correcting naughty young women are just as effective now as they were 50 years ago. Visit the free sample galleries at Cutie Spankee for more photos of errant daughters, sassy students and lazy office girls receiving corporal punishment. … [Read more...]

Yardstick Spanking for Two

Spanked Girls

Mark catches his ex-lover Sarah Faye fighting with Madison, his new girlfriend. The two hellcats are out of control, spanking each other in his office, so he has no choice but to teach both of them a hard lesson with the wooden yardstick. Click Here for free photos of Sarah and Madison’s workplace spanking. … [Read more...]