Gallery: Pandora’s Parlor Caning

Caning Pandora

Pandora Blake must have been very naughty to be sentenced to such a humiliating punishment. Summoned to the parlor, Thomas Cameron makes her lift her skirts and bend over for a caning. Click Here for a free photo gallery of Pandora being thrashed across her tight knickers. … [Read more...]

Gallery: Anna’s Spanking Penance

Priest Spanks

Father Ryan attempts to instill some real apprehension into Anna by spanking and lecturing her. Anna wriggles, kicks and cries, all to no avail. The petite young lady takes every smack her beautiful bottom has coming. Click Here for a free photo gallery from this sinfully delicious spanking scene. … [Read more...]

Video: Paddling Karen Hughes

Spanking Karen

The negligent house sitter receives 164 stinging swats applied firmly to her round, spankable buns. We doubt she’ll ever look at a Ping Pong paddle the same way again. Click Here for free photos and video of Miss Hughes getting a very sore, spanked bottom. … [Read more...]

Lunge Position Strappings

Lunge Spanking

It’s bad enough getting your panties strapped by the Dean. But when you have to push your tender bottom toward the sky in the lunge position, it’s like combining a spanking with gym class! Visit the free Latest Updates area at the Real Spankings Institute for more photos of pretty rule breakers getting their butts warmed. … [Read more...]

Gallery: Bouncy Bum Spankings

Anikka Hairbrush Spanking

Anikka Albrite is the landlady's new assistant and her job includes spanking young ladies who don't pay their rent, like always-broke Mary Jane. Annika spanks the girl’s bouncy bottom very hard with her hand and a hairbrush, until Mary Jane turns the tables and gets in some licks of her own. Click Here and Here for free photos of this tasty girl-on-girl spanking scene. … [Read more...]

Gallery: Warming Her Panties

Black Panty Spanking

Amelia Rutherford is bent over and spanked, with only her sexy black panties for protection. Little does she know that she’ll soon be completely naked, getting a paddle applied to her naughty bottom. Click Here for a free photo gallery of Miss Rutherford’s steamy lingerie spanking. … [Read more...]

Gallery: Ruler Retribution

Her Ruler Spanking

Brandi discovers that if she slacks off at work, she gets the wooden ruler applied to her tight, white panties. Then with her young flesh still stinging, she has to sit her sexy bottom back down on a very hard desk chair. (That makes for a squirmy afternoon!) Click Here for the free photo gallery of Brandi bent over for her workplace spanking. … [Read more...]

Gallery: Ivy Firmly Spanked

Spanking Ivy

After warming the girl’s skimpy little panties, Lana makes Ivy bare her stinging backside and bend over for more punishment. Click Here for a free photo gallery of Miss Sherwood’s painful domestic discipline. … [Read more...]

Gallery: New Spanking Model Harley

Spanking Model Harley

Lovely young Harley Havik makes her spanking debut, playing a secretarial student who is bent over and disciplined by her demanding instructor, Miss Alex Reynolds. Click Here for a free photo gallery of Miss Havik receiving a rosy red bottom. … [Read more...]