December 22, 2014

Hairbrush Spanking Time

Hairbrush Spanking Time

Roxie and Lauren are hanging out, texting, laughing and having a grand time. But when the inconsiderate girls make too much noise, they get the hairbrush applied to their little butts.

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Punishments Remembered

A young women recalls fond memories of being disciplined at home, where the paddlings of years past still echo through the hallways.

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Handcuffed and Spanked

Political activist Aleesha Fox is handcuffed by the prison guards, marched to an ornate bedroom and paddled on her sheer black panties.

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Bars and Stripes

Investment Spanking

Horrified by the poor performance of her investments, Chelsea Pfeiffer demands answers from her financial advisor, Molly Mathews.

“Well, it’s just like the market gave all of the investors a good spanking. That’s the best way to put it,” Molly says.

Very poor choice of words, Miss Mathews!

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Good Spanking

Bad Bunny Spanked

Roxy Valentynne learns what happens to naughty bunnies who flaunt themselves in totally inappropriate costumes. They get their little tails reddened!

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Gallery: Hard Hairbrushing

When Miss Chris catches her niece, Joelle, getting ready to strip on webcam, she drags the scantily-clad girl into position for a firm hairbrush spanking.

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Her Sheer Panty Caning

Secretary Caning

This secretarial caning begins with Vix being admonished for her bad attitude and receiving six strokes over her tight black skirt. Incredibly the girl’s insolence continues, so Pandora decides to apply a sharper lesson across her sheer knickers.

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Her Spanking Gambit Fails

Aunt Spanks Ashley

Ashley knows she has a spanking coming, so she wears several layers of panties in hopes of protecting her bottom. Unfortunately the ruse is discovered and now her aunt is even madder than before.

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Girl Spanks Girl

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