April 24, 2014

Red Panty Spanking

Red Panty Spanking

Kinky friends Mari and Manami play their own version of high-stakes poker. After winning three hands in a row, Mari gets to spank Manami’s little bottom.

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Video: Bronte’s Strapping

Poor Bronte has been dancing in front of the leather strap at Punished Brats. And her situation is about to get worse. Bronte’s panties are coming down before the strap strikes again.

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Stern Mother Spanks

Her mother had a reputation for being one of the most authoritarian teachers at school. Unfortunately for the girl, Mom was just as dedicated to discipline at home.

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Sheer Lingerie Spanking

Young, slim, blonde and beautiful Brynn Tyler relives a past over-the-knee experience at Spanked Sweeties, while wearing transparent black bra and panties.

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Teacher’s Spanking Pets

Spanking Her Panties

Young teacher Remi certainly enjoys spanking her female students. (Maybe a little too much!) Today she’s making Moe and Yuuri stay after school so she can smack their little butts for some very trivial offences.

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Girl Friday Caned

Caning Belinda Lawson

Pretty office girl Belinda Lawson desperately wants a promotion, which gives the kinky boss a perfect opportunity to thrash her lovely bottom cheeks. Touching her toes for 18 searing strokes, Belinda earns her advancement the hard way.

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Video: Red-Hot Rump

Michaela McGowen really shouldn’t have made personal calls at work or spoken badly about her strict boss Cindy Wallace. Such behavior earns Miss McGowen a 50-swat hairbrush spanking on the table, with her sexy legs up and her tight jeans down.

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Gallery: Teacher Spanks

Even though she’s not much older than her students, this sexy educator rules her classroom with an iron hand. Sass, tardiness and missing homework are all punished with swats from teacher’s paddle.

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Bad Tushy

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