September 16, 2014

Slippering Her Girls

Slipper Spankings

Rosie and Nimue disgraced themselves at the tennis match, tarnishing their school’s reputation in the process. Punishment from their incensed coach, Amy Hunter, is administered swiftly and without sympathy.

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Spanking Zahra Stardust

Spanking Zahra Stardust

Award-winning porn star Zahra Stardust joins Pandora Blake in this orgasmic spanking scene. A warm-up spanking is followed by soft and hard strokes with the strap, all while Zahra moans with arousal.

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Gigi’s Payback Spanking

Spanking Gigi Allens

Super sexy, tall and strong Allison Tyler decides to get revenge on the blonde bombshell boss who punished her with spanking and a strap-on.

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Girl Spanks Girl

Gallery: Caned Redhead

See this curvy redhead exposing herself in many embarrassing positions in preparation for her severe corporal discipline. When it’s finally time to feel the cane, the girl obediently drops to all fours and lowers her panties for punishment.

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Anna’s Spanking Penance

Priest Spanks Her

Father Ryan attempts to instill some real apprehension into Anna by spanking and lecturing her. Anna wriggles, kicks and cries, all to no avail. The petite young lady takes every smack her beautiful bottom has coming.

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Pink Panty Spanking

Whoever took this spanking photo certainly had an eye for color and composition. Too bad the young lady with her hands on the wall can’t appreciate all the attention to detail.

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Warming Her Sheer Panties

Spanking Her Black Panties

Amelia Rutherford is bent over and spanked, with only her sexy black panties for protection. Little does she know that she’ll soon be completely naked, getting a paddle applied to her naughty bottom.

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Naughty Nurse Caned

Naughty Nurse Caned

When old-fashioned Dr. Kennedy discovers Nurse Amorette asleep in a hospital bed, wearing just her knickers, he deems it the perfect opportunity to break out his trusty rattan cane.

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