October 1, 2014

Gallery: Hard Paddling

A pale-skinned beauty must lift her pretty blue dress, drop her frilly knickers and bend over for an awful spanking with the Spencer paddle. The punishment continues until her poor behind is paddled raw.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of this very hard punishment scene.


Poor Performance Paddling

Chelsea Pfeiffer’s stock portfolio took a real spanking in the market and now she wants her incompetent financial advisor, Molly Mathews, to get a sense of what it felt like.

Enjoy the Free Preview at Good Spanking for more photos and a complimentary video of Chelsea tanning a bevy of sexy young ladies.

Good Spanking

Lola Marie’s Double Paddling

Her Double Spanking

Katie and Sarah have devised a very special discipline session for the unrepentant Lola Marie. Stripped naked and bent over the punishment bench, the wicked girl receives the hardest paddling of her young life.

Click Here for free photos and Here for video of Lola Marie getting whacked by two very strict disciplinarians.

Spanking Sarah

Four Paddled Girls

Roxie, Harlan, Allison and Kat have all been caught smoking pot. The toking troublemakers are presented with a difficult choice: Explain their crime to the police, or present their tender young butts for a paddling.

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Video: Unfunny Valentine

Cute and spankable AnnaBelle Lee pushes her luck too far when she sends Chelsea Pfeiffer a rude, prank Valentine card. The vulgar joke earns AnnaBelle a trip over Chelsea’s knee, where she gets a good spanking with a heart-shaped wooden paddle!

Click Here for free video clips of naughty Miss Lee suffering greatly for her misdeeds.

Naked Sorority Paddling

Sorority Girl Paddled Nude

Mandie is disciplined naked for shaming the sorority house with her promiscuous behavior. After a hard OTK spanking, the naughty coed has to bend over and present herself for the heavy paddle.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of Mandie’s nude corporal punishment.

Waiting for Swats

A mortified Japanese student bends forward and awaits the first smack from her teacher’s paddle. Oh how the girl wishes that she had been more attentive in class!

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Two Sassy Girls Paddled

Paddling Two Girls

With their pajama bottoms lowered, Sarah and Jenni reluctantly bend over the couch for discipline. Miss Chris then paddles their naughty bare butts until she’s satisfied that both girls have learned a good, hard lesson.

Click Here for a free video clip of two brazen young ladies getting their bottoms smacked.


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