October 21, 2014

Video: Halloween Paddling

When the Big Bad Wolf surprises Little Red Riding Hood at grandma’s house, he doesn’t eat her. Instead he paddles the girl’s bottom hard for all the trouble she’s caused him. Soon Little Red’s backside is almost as bright as her cape.

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Tight Jeans Paddled Hard

Her Paddled Jeans

The paddle is the ultimate domestic discipline penalty for young wife Stacy Stockton. So when she buys clothes instead of paying the bills, it’s a dozen stinging swats for her.

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Jewell’s Naked Discipline

Jewell Spanked Naked

After giving Jewell Marceau an OTK spanking, Miss Gemini makes the girl bend over for two paddles and a leather tawse, all applied directly to her already sore bottom.

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Social Media Spanking

Her Bedroom Spankings

Sarah is not supposed to be using her phone or informing all of her social media friends that she’s been grounded. Perhaps a hot, throbbing bottom will cure her naughty behavior.

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Video: Juno After School

Juno is irresistibly cute, but her grades are flagging and she’s late for her study session, so classmate Vanny puts the inconsiderate girl over his lap and soundly spanks her pert, sexy bottom.

The next time Juno and Vanny meet, he punishes her soundly for texting during English class. Hairbrush and heavy leather paddle teach the petite beauty a lesson – the hard way.

Finally on Thanksgiving, Juno is caught wearing a very short outfit that is NOT suitable for the holiday. She is bent over a spanking horse and subjected to a tawsing, a caning and a heavy wooden paddling. Triple Owie!

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Paddling Two Bad Girls

Their Double Spanking

After getting drunk at the office party, two free-spirited young ladies are stripped down to their lingerie and spanked. Then the tipsy tarts have to kneel side-by-side for the corporate paddle.

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Costumed Cutie Spanked

Spanking Christy Cutie

Veronica Ricci tells Christy Cutie to dress “evil” for costume party, but Christy insists on dressing “cute.” Veronica naturally responds by giving the defiant girl a good spanking.

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Spanked Call Girls

Old-Fashioned Paddlings

Her Bare Butt Paddling

With their forearms on the desk and their young bottoms exposed, Jasmine and Claire both feel the wrath of Miss Betty’s school paddle.

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