December 18, 2014

Sophia’s Sorority Spanking

Nude Sorority Spanking

The defiant freshman is placed naked on a bench and instructed to present her ripe, curvy bottom for spanking, strapping and paddling from three of her sorority sisters.

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Kay’s Christmas Spanking

Her Christmas Spanking

Kay Richards is supposed to play an elf for Christmas, but throws a tantrum about it. Her mom isn’t tolerating any bratty behavior however, and gives the girl a sore bottom for the holidays.

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My Spanking Roommate

Swatting Her Fishnets

Spanking Samantha Woodley

Since an extended hand spanking did little to improve her attitude, Samantha Woodley gets the wooden paddle applied to her barely covered bottom.

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Gallery: Holiday Paddlings

Christmas Punishment

Since Veronica and Koko have been so naughty, they both get paddles for Christmas. Then Mom puts their new implements to work, making sure the girls have a very rosy holiday.

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Spanking Sorority Girls

Kailee Gets Paddled

Spanking His Girlfriend

After a nine-minute hand spanking, Kailee Robinson’s tender tushie receives a good workout from the big leather paddle. Kailee responds by showing her Top some post-punishment appreciation.

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Tara’s Nude Paddling

Her Naked Spanking

When Tara Somerville is caught making out with Tiffany in the executive lounge, the blonde hottie is stripped nude for the spanking of her life. Eighty-seven swats with the paddle set her perky buns and breasts a bouncing.

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Punishments Remembered

A young women recalls fond memories of being disciplined at home, where the paddlings of years past still echo through the hallways.

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Gallery: Paddled Sitter

Veronica arrives home to find a very large shoe abandoned in the living room, evidence that the babysitter, Pixie, must have had her boyfriend over. Such a flagrant violation of the rules earns the sneaky sitter a good paddling.

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