April 23, 2014

Gallery: Pledge Paddled

New pledge Karina arrives at the sorority house where she meets Kat, who’s been left in charge while the senior sisters are out. When Karina starts mouthing off, Kat soundly spanks and paddles the new girl’s curvy bottom.

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Spanking Sorority Girls

Her Report Card Paddling

Spanking Joelle

Joelle should have known better than to forge Dad’s signature on her report card. When she returns home, she learns that the ruse has been discovered and that father dear is waiting for her with a paddle in his hand.

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Sinn Sage Paddled Naked

Sinn Sage introduced her friend Adora to the joys of erotic spanking. Now the tatooed blonde returns the favor, taking a paddle to Sinn’s toned backside.

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Naughty Pledge Punished

Spanking Penelope

After breaking six sorority house rules, pledge Penelope is up for a disciplinary review before senior sister Josette, who relishes her position as queen bee at Lambda Sigma Zeta.

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Paddling Miss Murray

Spanking Stephanie Murray

With her uniform skirt up and cotton panties down, stunning coed Stephanie Murray bends over to be spanked 233 times with a table tennis paddle.

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Selecting Their Punishment

Naughty Coeds Paddled

Naughty young ladies Syrena, Devon and Autumn are all sent to the office, where they must choose between a paddling or suspension.

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Kailee’s Detention Paddling

Detention Paddling

For the crime of demeaning her classmates, arrogant coed Kailee earns herself a week in detention. However, she can erase that sentence if she bends over for a hard spanking, strapping and paddling.

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Darcy’s Second Spanking

Spanking Darcy

Even though she’s already been spanked at the House of Correction, bad girl Darcy is about to receive even more punishment. With her sore bottom thrust upwards, she braces herself for a sound paddling.

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Spanking Sarah

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