March 1, 2015

Kailee’s Detention Paddling

Detention Paddling

For the crime of demeaning her classmates, arrogant coed Kailee earns herself a week in detention. However, she can erase that sentence if she bends over for a hard spanking, strapping and paddling.

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Belinda’s Stinging Swats

Her Paddle Swats

With hands on the wall, school bully Belinda Lawson receives 12 burning swats from the Principal’s big paddle, right across the seat of her jeans.

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Russian Cop Spanks Her

Spanking Paris Kennedy

Dragged back to detention in handcuffs, American prisoner Paris Kennedy is harshly spanked and paddled by Russian peace officer Amelea Dark.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of poor Paris getting her buns warmed.

Girl Spanks Girl

Lily’s Nude Punishment

Lily Swan Spanked

Lily Swan requires constant maintenance spankings and simply isn’t happy unless she has a sore bottom to keep her grounded and focused.

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Kami’s Forced Confession

Kami Robertson is a freelance journalist working on an expose of a notorious women’s penitentiary. Unfortunately for this young reporter, the prison authorities are plotting to make her reveal her sources.

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Bars and Stripes

Video: Paddling Abigail

“You spank me for everything I do, and for everything I don’t do?” Abigail Whittaker asks her Interventionist. Now that she’s living under his guidance, she has to abide by his rules and accept his punishments.

This week that means a 40-swat, OTK spanking with an awful wood paddle — 10 on skin-tight black shorts and 30 bare bottom, before being sent to the corner, toned buns glowing red!

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Spanking Casey Calvert

Spanking Casey

As penance for her shameless self-exploration, Casey mounts the sorority punishment bench and presents her pert, toned bottom to be spanked, paddled and strapped.

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Video: Kelly Spanks Her

When a young woman refuses to conform to the school’s dress code, Kelly Payne squelches her rebellion with an over-the-knee, bare-bottom spanking. Soon the girl’s bottom is cherry red and she’s renouncing her contrarian ways.

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