November 21, 2014

Tara’s Nude Paddling

Her Naked Spanking

When Tara Somerville is caught making out with Tiffany in the executive lounge, the blonde hottie is stripped nude for the spanking of her life. Eighty-seven swats with the paddle set her perky buns and breasts a bouncing.

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Punishments Remembered

A young women recalls fond memories of being disciplined at home, where the paddlings of years past still echo through the hallways.

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Gallery: Paddled Sitter

Veronica arrives home to find a very large shoe abandoned in the living room, evidence that the babysitter, Pixie, must have had her boyfriend over. Such a flagrant violation of the rules earns the sneaky sitter a good paddling.

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Peace Officer Spanked

Stevie Spanked OTK

After hot Officer Stevie spanks Madison for dancing too loudly in her apartment, the red-bottomed party girl returns the favor by putting the young cop over her knee.

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My Spanking Roommate

Monica’s Tearful Paddling

Spanking Monica Bouget

When Monica Bouget parties in her varsity cheer uniform, she gets her gym-toned bottom paddled so long and so hard that tears flow. Alison Miller watches in dread, knowing that her backside is due for the same treatment.

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Paris Paddles Sinn

Paris Kennedy raises the stakes by taking a dense, hardwood paddle to Sinn’s tenderized bottom. Remember Paris, turnabout is fair play when it comes to spanking games.

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Gallery: Spanking Shay

New spanking model Shay Golden proves she has what it takes, jutting her bottom out for the paddle and afterwards taking a painful hand spanking on her marked and crimson buns.

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Amelia’s Shower Spanking

Amelia Spanked Wet

Naughty Amelia Rutherford gets her pajama bottoms lowered for discipline. When that doesn’t sufficiently adjust her attitude, she is marched to the shower for additional punishment.

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