October 31, 2014

Isobel’s Wet Spanking

Spanking Isobel

Bathing beauty Isobel Wren earns herself a wet-bottom spanking when she makes Sarah late for FetishCon. Can it really be called discipline if it pleasures the recipient?

Click Here for a free photo gallery of Isobel writhing naked across Sarah’s lap.

Gallery: Halloween CP

Bare Butt Brush Spanking

Melody and Angel are supposed to be on the job, but instead Sarah finds the two cuddling co-workers getting busy in a hotel room. Obviously the girls need to be spanked hard with hand, hairbrush and crop.

Click Here and Here for free photo galleries of two amorous employees getting their bare bottoms warmed.

Leandra’s Naked Caning

Caning Leandra Bare

Gorgeous young athlete Leandra is punished for her unacceptable second-place finish. Coach makes the girl strip naked for a good spanking, followed by firmly-applied caned strokes.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of this lovely blonde getting caned across her red bottom.

Bondage Brush Spanking

Bondage Brush Spanking

Justice is swift and painful at the House of Correction, as Lola Marie is finding out. Bound the way she is, there’s not much she can do to escape the nasty wooden clothes brush.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of Lola Marie tied up and naked for punishment.

Spanking Sarah

Nikki’s Sorority Spanking

Spanking Nikki Rouge

Senior sister Nikki Rouge has earned herself a hot bottom and freshly-spanked pledge Mary Jane is more than happy to warm it for her.

Click Here for a free video clip of Nikki’s bare-naked OTK spanking.


Jewell’s Naked Discipline

Jewell Spanked Naked

After giving Jewell Marceau an OTK spanking, Miss Gemini makes the girl bend over for two paddles and a leather tawse, all applied directly to her already sore bottom.

Click Here for a free video clip of a fully-nude Jewell assuming the position.


Leila’s Caning Audition

Leila's Naked Caning

Driven by curiosity, the uninhibited 19-year-old auditions for a corporal punishment movie. After discussing her own kinky adventures, Leila strips naked for 50 cane strokes from the casting director, just to prove she can take it.

Click Here for free photos and video of welts rising across Leila’s bare bottom.

Mood Castings

Gallery: Blonde Spankos

Alannah and Kenzie both bring smoldering sex appeal and enthusiasm to their first spanko shoot for Spanked Call Girls, resulting in a long, action-packed scene.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of this hot blonde-on-blonde encounter.

Spanked Call Girls

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