July 28, 2014

Naked Domestic Discipline

Spanking His Wife

Young married couple Korey and James have never made a spanking video before, but they are absolutely adorable in this realistic domestic discipline scene.

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Video: Spanking Spoon

Noble women bring their errant daughters to the brutish Mr. Slim for intense corporal punishment. With heavy hand, cooking spoon and leather belt, he makes sure young ladies are properly disciplined for their misbehavior.

Click Here for free video of a very sorry lass getting the wicked wooden spoon.

Anna Strapped Nude

Nude Belt Spanking

Anna is bent over a table, naked as the day she was born, for a generous helping of religious discipline. Father Ryan lays the belt on hard, making the wayward girl howl in pain and burst into sobs.

Click Here for a free photo gallery from this blasphemous strapping scene.


Vicky’s Bare-Naked Spanking

Her Nude Punishment

Aunt Katie knows exactly how to deal with rebellious girls at the House of Correction. After ordering Vicky to strip naked and submit to an intimate inspection, the matron spanks the girl hard on her cheeky bottom.

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Spanking Sarah

Ashley’s Severe Punishment

Severe Caning

Ashley Rose makes a huge mistake when she attempts to spank her teacher, Snow Mercy. The sadistic educator retaliates using every implement at her disposal, punishing Ashley until the poor girl is marked and crying.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of this very severe discipline session.

Spanking Sorority Girls

Gallery: Lorna’s Caning

Lorna was spanked occasionally by a former lover and now wants to experience the next level. After being properly warmed with hand and paddle, the tall brunette beauty strips down to her stockings and bends over for a caning.

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Spanking Sarah

Video: Grab the Beam

A beautiful girl is stripped naked and ordered to grab the thick wooden beam above her head. While she struggles to hold position, the rattan cane whips through the air to strike her helpless bottom, over and over again.

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Sexy Headmistress Canes Her

Headmistress Canes Faye

Naughty Faye is sentenced to a sound thrashing from the headmistress. After stripping down to her knee socks, the pretty coed presents her backside for discipline.

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