March 4, 2015

Well Spanked Party Girls

Spanking Party Girls

British dominant Amy Hunter promises to take Alex and Mila shopping in Las Vegas, but instead of meeting the charming lady on time, the girls keep Miss Hunter waiting for hours.

Furious, the petite dynamo takes both inconsiderate brats over her lap for a smart hand spanking. Then she orders them to strip nude, get up on the bed and present their pink bottoms for a proper hairbrush paddling and heavy leather strapping.

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Video: Nude Hairbrushing

“You are so going to get it,” he tells Taylor Rayne, just before turning the naughty, naked beauty over his lap for a hairbrush spanking. The intense sting has the girl kicking and squirming in no time.

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Blindfolded, Bound and Birched

Blindfolded Birching

Tied naked and helpless, Pandora writhes under the stinging birch strokes, completely unaware that she is actually being dominated by not one man, but two.

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Bailey Strapped Naked

Bailey Spanked Nude

For shirking her chores, pretty, young Bailey must remove every stitch of clothing and then bend forward for a very hard strapping.

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Sinn’s First Switching

Sinn Sage winces in pain as Chelsea Pfeiffer takes a whippy switch to her bottom for the very first time. Sinn’s sexy midnight spanking is escalating into something quite intense!

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Lily’s Nude Punishment

Lily Swan Spanked

Lily Swan requires constant maintenance spankings and simply isn’t happy unless she has a sore bottom to keep her grounded and focused.

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Spanking Casey Calvert

Spanking Casey

As penance for her shameless self-exploration, Casey mounts the sorority punishment bench and presents her pert, toned bottom to be spanked, paddled and strapped.

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Dia Spanked Nude

Dia Spanked Nude

Determined to get some attention, Dia struts around in her nightie while making an obnoxious amount of noise. Her plan works, though perhaps not in the way she hoped. The mischievous girl soon finds herself buck naked and getting her sexy bottom warmed.

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