March 28, 2015

Gallery: Caned in the Nude

Stripped of all her clothes, a curvy nymphet is bent over a chair and caned to tears, leaving her bottom covered in angry parallel welts.

Click Here for the free photo gallery of a naked girl punished by her peers.

Kylee’s Naked Tawsing

Spanking Kylee Anders

Beautiful spanking model Kylee Anders strips topless to fetch the tawse. After several strokes, she is told to remove her skimpy thong and take the rest of her punishment in the nude.

Click Here for free photos and video of Miss Anders up against the wall for discipline.


Her Painful OTK Belting

Off camera the girl admits that she likes getting spanked hard, even when it really hurts and she’s struggling to get away. Well the leather belt puts her bravado to the test!

Click Here for free video clips of this brave little tart squirming and gasping from the pain.

Bathing Beauty Spankings

Amelia Spanked Wet

Amelia Rutherford’s peaceful bath time is interrupted by party girls Sarah and Joelle, who insist on spanking the blonde’s soapy wet bottom.

Click Here for a free photo gallery from this three girl spanking session.

Bonnie’s Naked Punishment

Spanking Bonnie May

Since normal spankings don’t seem to improve her behavior, wicked girl Bonnie May is told to strip naked and grab the mantel for a paddling.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of Bonnie being disciplined in her birthday suit.

Spanking Sarah

Video: Caned in the Buff

“I’m bent over, I’m naked, I’m humiliated, and I’m taking my punishment,” says a nude Michaela McGowen.

For trying to bribe a judge, Cindy Wallace makes the bodacious Michaela bend forward for 17 searing strokes of the cane.

Click Here for free photos and video of Michaela’s nude caning.


Bathtub Belt Spanking

Bathtub Belt Spanking

What hurts worse than an old-fashioned belt spanking? How about getting strapped on a tender bare bottom that’s still dripping with bathwater?

Click Here for free photos and video of Amelia Rutherford’s squeaky clean belt whipping.


Well Spanked Party Girls

Spanking Party Girls

British dominant Amy Hunter promises to take Alex and Mila shopping in Las Vegas, but instead of meeting the charming lady on time, the girls keep Miss Hunter waiting for hours.

Furious, the petite dynamo takes both inconsiderate brats over her lap for a smart hand spanking. Then she orders them to strip nude, get up on the bed and present their pink bottoms for a proper hairbrush paddling and heavy leather strapping.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of two naughty, naked girls being scolded and punished.


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