December 22, 2014

Naked Domestic Discipline

Spanking Stacy Stockton

Soaking wet from the shower, a very naked Stacy Stockton must answer to her husband after she goes out with a male colleague.

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Sophia’s Sorority Spanking

Nude Sorority Spanking

The defiant freshman is placed naked on a bench and instructed to present her ripe, curvy bottom for spanking, strapping and paddling from three of her sorority sisters.

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Nude Bedroom Spankings

Naked Sexy Spanking

Gigi tries to assert her dominance by bending Allison over for a hairbrush spanking. The busty brunette has other ideas however, and soon Gigi is feeling the brush on her own bottom.

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Girl Spanks Girl

Lola Marie’s Double Caning

Double Caning Punishment

Draped naked over the punishment stool, Lola Marie gets her bottom caned by two very unsympathetic disciplinarians. The poor girl grits her teeth in pain as welts rise upon her helpless bare behind.

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Spanking Sarah

Video: Tawsing Sophie

Twenty-two year old Sophie displays every inch of her sexy, athletic frame as she submits to a nude whipping from the leather tawse. And oh how it stings her gorgeous bottom!

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Tara’s Nude Paddling

Her Naked Spanking

When Tara Somerville is caught making out with Tiffany in the executive lounge, the blonde hottie is stripped nude for the spanking of her life. Eighty-seven swats with the paddle set her perky buns and breasts a bouncing.

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Video: Olga’s Audition

Olga is an adventurous, tight-bodied redhead who is auditioning to appear in corporal punishment videos. To prove she can do the work, the girl must first take 50 agonizing strokes from the casting director’s cane.

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Ashleigh’s Naked First Caning

First Caning Naked

Glamour model Ashleigh isn’t really into spanking and so she was understandably quite nervous about being caned. Welt-raising strokes from both a thin, whippy cane and a much heavier senior cane certainly had her jumping.

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English Spankers

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