September 17, 2014

Roxie’s Severe Punishment

Roxie's Severe Punishment

Roxie’s grades have been plummeting, so the Dean to strap some responsibility into her. Wearing just socks, the nearly-naked girl tries to hold position while the leather wallops her backside.

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London Derrieres Caned

Nude Girls Caned

Three spirited British ladies travel to Las Vegas to raise hell, but wind up getting their panties lowered for a caning instead. Positioned side-by-side in their birthday suits, the pretty party girls get some nice stripes to take home with them.

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Naked Sorority Paddling

Sorority Girl Paddled Nude

Mandie is disciplined naked for shaming the sorority house with her promiscuous behavior. After a hard OTK spanking, the naughty coed has to bend over and present herself for the heavy paddle.

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Video: Tears for Sophie

Hot-bodied Sophie strips down to her socks and bends over the spanking table for a hard licking with the thick, black strap.

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Jess Spanked to Tears

Spanking Jess Naked

Aunt Katie welcomes another gorgeous young delinquent to her dreaded House of Correction. It seems the new girl Jess has been caught stealing and she needs a very long, hard spanking to set her straight.

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Spanking Sarah

Double Lexan Paddling Clip

“Kathy has always been one of our favorite and most popular models,” say the producers of the feature video Spanking Kathy. “She truly arrived on our door, straight from the Midwest, wanting to know what all this spanking was about.”

In this smokin’ hot video clip, Kathy demonstrates that she can take a punishment spanking as well as anyone. The brave little starlet bends over, totally naked, for butt-bruising swats from the Lexan paddle, one of the meanest implements around.

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Ella’s Tearful Spanking

Spanking Ella Nude

After making the lovely coed strip naked, the college administrator bends Ella over a chair and beats her bottom mercilessly with a variety of leather straps. Before it’s over, the poor girl is marked and crying.

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English Spankers

Gallery: Sorority Paddling

Sorority House Paddling

Senior sister Carolyn calls out Ann the pledge for lesbian activities in the sorority house. Carolyn maintains that such behavior violates the Lambda Sigma Zeta charter and instantly administers punishment to the lithe brunette.

Over-the-knee spanking on Ann’s panties gives way to bare bottom discipline. Finally, Ann is given a dose of the traditional Lambda Sigma Zeta wooden paddle, which stings like the devil and leaves Ann with a sensation of keen resentment.

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