March 28, 2015

Mouth Soaping and Birching

Mouth Soaping Amelia

It’s aversion-therapy time for rogue model Amelia Rutherford. First her irate agent pushes a bar of soap into her mouth, before lashing Amelia’s bare bottom 34 times with a wicked bundle of switches.

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Gallery: Mouth Soaping

Alex Reynolds is a lifestyle sub with a curvy bottom and a high-tolerance for spanking. Clare Fonda puts Alex to the test with a long series of mother/daughter punishments, even washing the girl’s mouth out with soap.

Click Here and Here for free photos from these traditional discipline scenes.

Mouth Soaping Syrena

Mouth Soaping Syrena

When Syrena uses profanity to protest her corporal punishment, she gets hauled into the bathroom to have her dirty mouth washed out. Then with the bar of soap still in her maw, the girl is bent over the counter for a very intense spanking.

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Gallery: Heavy Reading

After getting their dirty mouths washed out and their naughty palms strapped, a pair of rebellious young ladies must kneel on the floor while supporting heavy schoolbooks with their outstretched arms.

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Video: A Liar and Thief

She’s stolen and she’s lied, so even Samantha Woodley must admit that she’s earned her 74 strokes of the loopy cane, which is followed by a good mouth soaping and a spanking.

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Soaped and Spanked

Danielle Hunt makes a rude comment after her slipper spanking — and receives a mouthful of soap for it. With the awful-tasting bar still in her mouth, she reluctantly bends over and presents her bottom for the hairbrush.

Click Here for free photos and Here for free video of a lippy student receiving her second spanking of the afternoon.

Washing Their Mouths Out

Does it taste good, ladies? Lila and Frankie are reminded that profanity and disrespectful comments can be quickly silenced with a good mouth soaping.

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Spanked and Soaped

Alexis Grace is an outgoing 5’ 11” brunette from Florida who was spanked by her mom well into her teens and even got her mouth washed out with soap. Watch her relive those experiences wearing a tight, white top and sexy boy shorts.

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