April 24, 2014

Niki’s Brush Spanking

Niki Flynn has been especially bad, so in addition to receiving a spanked bottom, she knows she can also expect several whacks from her husband’s horrid clothes brush.

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Well Spanked Party Girls

Spanking Party Girls

British dominant Amy Hunter promises to take Alex and Mila shopping in Las Vegas, but instead of meeting the charming lady on time, the girls keep Miss Hunter waiting for hours.

Furious, the petite dynamo takes both inconsiderate brats over her lap for a smart hand spanking. Then she orders them to strip nude, get up on the bed and present their pink bottoms for a proper hairbrush paddling and heavy leather strapping.

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Video: Thieving Nanny

Lizzy Madison gives sticky-fingered nanny Michaela McGowen a good dose of the brush for pilfering $200 in petty cash. As you can imagine, the stingy wood is quite effective.

“A brush on my bare tush is always worse than I expect,” Michaela admits.

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Miss Delilah’s Hairbrush Spanking

Her Hairbrush Spanking

After getting her backside warmed multiple times at the spanking party, Texas gal Joey Delilah bares her bottom for an old-fashioned hairbrushing. To her credit, she takes her comeuppance without too much bratting or backtalk.

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Gallery: Sex in Mom’s Bed

When Sarah’s mother comes home early from vacation, she is horrified to find condoms in her own bedsheets. Oops! Maybe Sarah shouldn’t have desecrated Mom’s bed with sex acts.

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Her Half-Hour Spanking

Once her tight jeans and pretty, pink panties are lowered, there’s nothing between Cherry’s hot bottom and Chelsea Pfeiffer’s wooden hairbrush.

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Good Spanking

Julie’s Hairbrush Spanking

Julie's Hairbrush Spanking

When Gretta discovers all manner of illicit items in her daughter’s purse, she gives Julie the strict, bare-bottom spanking that she so richly deserves. Julie may be all grown up, but the wooden hairbrush is still just as effective as always.

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Gallery: Marks and Tears

This exotic young lady receives a harsh, over-the-lap spanking with the wooden hairbrush that leaves her bottom marked and her almond eyes wet with tears. Sometimes that’s what happens when you get Spanked at Home.

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