February 26, 2015

Video: Nude Hairbrushing

“You are so going to get it,” he tells Taylor Rayne, just before turning the naughty, naked beauty over his lap for a hairbrush spanking. The intense sting has the girl kicking and squirming in no time.

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Gallery: Brushed Panties

At first it feels like her floral panties aren’t providing any protection from the flat of the bath brush. But when her panties come down, the girl desperately wishes they hadn’t.

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Pandora’s Erotic Spanking

Hairbrush Spanking

Dressed only in high fetish heels, sheer stockings and black lacy knickers, Pandora Blake submits to an intimate OTK spanking. First her bottom cheeks get a good hand spanking, followed by stinging kisses from the wooden hairbrush.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of Miss Blake receiving a blushing red backside.

Jenni Mack Smacked!

Spanking starlet Jenni Mack plays a disobedient young lady and Lucy McLean portrays a traditional 1950s housewife in this delightful mother/daughter period piece. Mom’s hand and hairbrush quickly teach young Jenni that it’s never a good idea to defy your parents!

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Julie’s Hairbrush Spanking

Julie's Hairbrush Spanking

When Gretta discovers all manner of illicit items in her daughter’s purse, she gives Julie the strict, bare-bottom spanking that she so richly deserves. Julie may be all grown up, but the wooden hairbrush is still just as effective as always.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of a naughty young women receiving much-needed discipline over Mom’s lap.


Stepdaughter Spanked OTK

Stepmom Brush Spanking

There might be little age difference between them, but Sarah is very serious about disciplining her stepdaughter. When the naughty blonde is caught gambling at a casino, Sarah gives the girl a good spanking over her lap.

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Momma Spankings

Gallery: Kay’s Hairbrushing

Porn star Rosario Stone shows she can swing a brush with the best of them, playing a dominant maid who is tired of cleaning up after pretty but sloppy Kay Richards. Perhaps a hot bottom and some bi-lingual scolding will teach Kay a lesson.

Click Here for the free photo gallery, courtesy of My Spanking Roommate.

My Spanking Roommate

Tammy’s Hairbrush Spanking

Hairbrush Spanking Tammy

Poor Tammy finds herself bent over the lap of her psycho mother-in-law, who delights in spanking the girl’s bottom with a wooden hairbrush.

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Fetish Movies

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