November 27, 2014

Severe Hairbrush Spanking

Hard Hairbrush Spanking

Michael has tried many forms of punishment with Alex, but nothing seems to improve the rebellious girl’s behavior. Maybe a good, hard hairbrushing will finally get her attention.

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Video: Brushed to Tears

A winsome young spanking model gets more than she bargained for when the hairbrush begins peppering her bottom. The poor girl yelps in surprise, squirms in pain and claws at the couch before genuine tears begin trickling down her pretty face.

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House Secretary Spanked

Hairbrush Spanking

Courtney Shea takes spanking revenge on Eva Marks, the house secretary who punished her. Using both her hand and a hairbrush, Courtney gives Eva a sore bottom of her own to sit on.

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Spanked Call Girls

Julie’s Domestic Discipline

OTK Hairbrush Spanking

Julie may be a legal adult, but she’s never too old for a good, bare-bottom spanking over Mom’s lap. When Gretta finds contraband in Julie’s purse, she administers the strict hairbrush discipline that her naughty girl so richly deserves.

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Gallery: Halloween CP

Bare Butt Brush Spanking

Melody and Angel are supposed to be on the job, but instead Sarah finds the two cuddling co-workers getting busy in a hotel room. Obviously the girls need to be spanked hard with hand, hairbrush and crop.

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Bondage Brush Spanking

Bondage Brush Spanking

Justice is swift and painful at the House of Correction, as Lola Marie is finding out. Bound the way she is, there’s not much she can do to escape the nasty wooden clothes brush.

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Spanking Sarah

Hairbrush Spanking Revenge

OTK Hairbrush Spanking

Clare Fonda gave Chloe Love a totally unnecessary ambush spanking, so in return Chloe decides to warm Clair’s heiny with a flat-backed wooden brush.

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My Spanking Roommate

Firm Domestic Discipline

Hairbrush Spanking Erica

Erica Scott and Paul Kennedy star in this sizzling hot wife-spanking scene. Dressed in sexy stockings, suspenders and heels, Erica tries to seduce her workaholic husband. But her rudeness angers him, and she ends up hauled over his knee for an intense bare bottom spanking.

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