July 30, 2014

OTK Hairbrush Discipline

Her Hairbrush Spanking

Ten gives her defiant sister-in-law a good spanking on her tights with both hand and a wooden hairbrush. When Pandora continues to protest, Ten bares the tart’s bottom and continues to spank long and hard.

Click Here for free photos and video from this domestic hairbrush spanking scene.

Spanked with Brush and Belt

Hairbrush Spanking

When Sarah and Kat misbehave they get their pajamas lowered for the wooden hairbrush and the leather belt. No amount of whining or promises will save their tender tushies from punishment.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of two very naughty girls getting red-hot bottoms.


Brazilian Au Pair Spanked

Au Pair Spanked Hard

When foul-mouthed au pair Adriana is bent over for a bare-ass spanking, she unleashes a torrent of Portuguese profanity. Unfortunately for her upturned bum, this only gets her spanked even harder.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of a feisty girl being soundly punished.

Bryanna’s Bath Brushing

Bryanna Cox was warned by her husband about not wearing her seat belt, but of course she paid no attention. So when she gets a ticket for that very offence, it’s time for a real-life punishment.

Discipline is dealt out with a hard bath brush over skin-tight jeans, then over full-bottom panties, and finally right on the bare butt. Bryanna wiggles, squirms and begs as the licks rain down on her quivering backside – but the spanking continues until she learns her lesson!

Visit Spanking Bare Butts for this cautionary tale about automotive safety and listening to your spouse.

Spanking Bare Butts

Well-Punished Wedding Planner

OTK Brush Spanking

After her ditzy wedding planner makes unforgivable mistakes on the invitations, Sarah feels justified in firing the girl – and then baring her bottom for a good hairbrush spanking.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of an angry bride-to-be dispensing OTK discipline.

Video: Big Sister’s Brush

In trouble again at school, Charlie is briefly relieved to see her older sister Beverly come to her aid. But to Charlie’s surprise, Beverly asks to use the headmaster’s office and gives the mischievous girl a thorough hairbrush spanking.

Click Here for free photos and video of little sister writhing under Beverly’s brush.



Video: Kailee & Berlin

Enjoy free video clips of spanker extraordinaire Chelsea Pfeiffer giving half-hour spanking sessions to two glorious bottoms: Kailee and Berlin.

First, corporal-punishment superstar Kailee gets a diabolical hand spanking, followed by the leather paddle, a dose of the hairbrush, a black leather strap, a VERY large wooden paddle and Chelsea’s little twisted cane – which is a lot stingier than it looks!

Then things are looking bad for Berlin. Chelsea finds a cigarette lighter in the back pocket of the girl’s jeans, which sends Ms. Pfeiffer on a spanking/scolding tangent! Berlin’s hand spanking is quite short and Chelsea quickly moves on to the first of her six implements, determined to make her point about smoking.

Click Here for four free video clips of two tough gals getting it good!


Hairbrush Spanking Intervention

Her Spanking Intervention

Staging an intervention in Amelia’s home, Pandora and Caroline take turns giving her hard smacks with a wooden hairbrush. In stockings and elegant lingerie, Amelia squeals and continues her bratty protests even as her bottom turns bright red.

Click Here for free photos and video of an insufferable coworker getting her comeuppance.

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