December 19, 2014

Christy’s Hairbrush Spanking

Hairbrush Spanking Christy

Sarah is put in charge of younger sister, Christy, and uses the opportunity to spank her naughty sibling for bad grades, slacking off and being late to class.

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Hairbrush Spanking Time

Hairbrush Spanking Time

Roxie and Lauren are hanging out, texting, laughing and having a grand time. But when the inconsiderate girls make too much noise, they get the hairbrush applied to their little butts.

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Nude Bedroom Spankings

Naked Sexy Spanking

Gigi tries to assert her dominance by bending Allison over for a hairbrush spanking. The busty brunette has other ideas however, and soon Gigi is feeling the brush on her own bottom.

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Girl Spanks Girl

Yuletide Brush Spankings

Christmas Brush Spanking

Someone broke the Christmas tree angel, but neither Ivy nor Cupcake will admit to the crime. That’s OK though. Lana will simply spank her naughty girls good and hard until one of them confesses.

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Girl Spanks Girl

Gallery: OTK Christmas

Her Christmas Spanking

Christmas is almost here and Momma’s darling daughter has been misbehaving more than ever. Santa pays the two a surprise visit to inform them that naughty girls like Sarah don’t get presents. They get spankings!

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Momma Spankings

Gallery: Naughty Elf

Madison Martin may have poured herself into a skin-tight elf costume, but she didn’t put up her share of the Christmas decorations. So Chloe Elise decides to spank some additional holiday spirit into Madison’s wriggling bottom.

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My Spanking Roommate

Severe Hairbrush Spanking

Hard Hairbrush Spanking

Michael has tried many forms of punishment with Alex, but nothing seems to improve the rebellious girl’s behavior. Maybe a good, hard hairbrushing will finally get her attention.

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Video: Brushed to Tears

A winsome young spanking model gets more than she bargained for when the hairbrush begins peppering her bottom. The poor girl yelps in surprise, squirms in pain and claws at the couch before genuine tears begin trickling down her pretty face.

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