September 20, 2014

Video: Biting Hairbrush

Maggie exercised very poor judgment when she decided to have a few drinks on a weekday, in the middle of the afternoon! The only thing saving her from a worse hairbrush spanking is that she took a taxi home instead of driving drunk.

Click Here for free video of the brush dancing upon on this party girl’s bare bottom.

Spanking Daisy Elizabeth

Spanking Daisy Elizabeth

After having her naughty bare butt reddened by hand, Daisy gets to feel the sting of a hairbrush, a bath brush and a nasty wooden spoon. Will she ever sit again?

Click Here for a free photo gallery of Miss Elizabeth’s multi-implement spanking.


Sitter’s Hard Hairbrush

Niki Flynn thought that watching Kate James would be easy money, plus she could use the time to study. Wrong! Kate turns out to be a tremendous brat and Niki finally has to use the hairbrush to discipline her.

Take the extensive free tour at Northern Spanking for more photos of genuine spankophiles sharing their passion for corporal punishment.

Gallery: Blue Stockings

A very pretty young miss goes over the headmaster’s lap for punishment, with her knickers pulled down so she can experience the full bite of the hairbrush.

Click Here for the free spanking photo gallery, courtesy of Girls Boarding School.


Double Hairbrush Spankings

Cheerleader Hairbrush Spankings

Snow Mercy and Christy Cutie team up to discipline an entire camp full of naughty cheerleaders. There’s no shortage of stinging bottoms and kicking legs in this saucy spanking scene.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of errant Pom Pom girls getting the brush.

Girl Spanks Girl

Naughty Burglar Punished Bare

Brush Spanking Punishment

Pretty little thief Camilla Scott is bent over the snooker table for a hand spanking, a leather strapping and some very painful smacks with a wooden bath brush.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of Camilla’s bare-bottom corporal punishment.


OTK Hairbrush Discipline

Her Hairbrush Spanking

Ten gives her defiant sister-in-law a good spanking on her tights with both hand and a wooden hairbrush. When Pandora continues to protest, Ten bares the tart’s bottom and continues to spank long and hard.

Click Here for free photos and video from this domestic hairbrush spanking scene.

Spanked with Brush and Belt

Hairbrush Spanking

When Sarah and Kat misbehave they get their pajamas lowered for the wooden hairbrush and the leather belt. No amount of whining or promises will save their tender tushies from punishment.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of two very naughty girls getting red-hot bottoms.


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