Video: Brush and Belt Spankings

Brush Spanking

When Sarah and Kat misbehave they get their pajamas lowered for the wooden hairbrush and the leather belt. No amount of whining or promises will save their tender tushies from punishment. Click Here for a free photo gallery of two very naughty girls getting red-hot bottoms. … [Read more...]

Gallery: OTK for Mandy

Mandee Miller Spanking Model

Neophyte spanking model Mandee Miller takes a hairbrush paddling over the lap of Lana, her real-life aunt! Judging from Mandee’s expression, the brush stung quite a bit more than she expected. Click Here for a free photo gallery of Miss Miller wincing from the pain. … [Read more...]

Very Vintage Spanking

Kate James Vintage Spanking

Shortly after receiving several stinging licks of the tawse, Kate James must bend over once again and present her bottom for Miss Hunter’s heavy hairbrush. Take the extensive free tour at Northern Spanking for more photos of genuine spankophiles sharing their passion for corporal punishment. … [Read more...]

Gallery: Well Spanked Secretary

Spanking Lexi

When sexy, young secretary Lexi fails in her duties, Sarah reddens the girl’s bottom with her palm, a leather strap and a biting wooden hairbrush. Click Here for a free photo gallery of an underperforming office girl being punished. … [Read more...]

Butt Up Hairbrushing

Lily Spanks Sinn

Sinn Sage always finds a way to get her spankings, even if it means being a total brat. This time she takes Lily Cade’s fancy red dress, wads it up and stuffs it in Lily’s sock drawer. Deal sealed: It’s hairbrush time for Sinn! Visit the Free Preview area at Spank Sinn for complimentary video clips of this bisexual fetishist performing as both spankee and spanker. … [Read more...]

Gallery: Chanell’s Revenge Spanking

Hairbrush Spanking

New girl Chanell gleefully tans the brats who spanked her, stinging their bare tushies with both her hand and a wooden hairbrush. Click Here for a free photo gallery from this eight-girl sorority spanking scene. … [Read more...]

Hairbrushing Annabelle Lee

AnnaBelle Lee Hairbrush Spanking

AnnaBelle Lee is enthralled to find a stash of spanking magazines while snooping in Chelsea Pfeiffer’s bedroom. Unfortunately, Chelsea catches Miss Lee looking at the off-limits material, and decides the girl needs a spanking for real. Click Here for free video of AnnaBelle squeaking delightfully as the brush reddens her backside. … [Read more...]

Riley’s Spanking Revenge

Brush Spanking Sadie

When Riley catches Sadie slacking off instead of doing homework, she sees the perfect opportunity to give her rival a good hairbrush spanking. Click Here for a free photo gallery of bare-bottom spanking in the sorority house. … [Read more...]

Gallery: Marks and Tears

She Was Spanked to Tears

This exotic young lady receives a harsh, over-the-lap spanking with the wooden hairbrush that leaves her bottom marked and her almond eyes wet with tears. Sometimes that's what happens when you get Spanked at Home. Click Here for free photos of the sorry girl's butt-bruising punishment. … [Read more...]