March 31, 2015

Nimue’s Backlash Caning

Caning Nimue Naked

Nimue Allen submits to a 50-stroke hard caning in defiance of new UK porn restrictions. After 25 strokes, she strips completely naked, grits her teeth and presents her backside for the second half of her ordeal.

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Gallery: Caned in the Nude

Stripped of all her clothes, a curvy nymphet is bent over a chair and caned to tears, leaving her bottom covered in angry parallel welts.

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Kylee’s Naked Tawsing

Spanking Kylee Anders

Beautiful spanking model Kylee Anders strips topless to fetch the tawse. After several strokes, she is told to remove her skimpy thong and take the rest of her punishment in the nude.

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Sarah’s Bedtime Strapping

Bedtime Strapping Punishment

Sarah is out way past her curfew again, so Momma sits up and waits with a leather strap, ready to take action. When Sarah finally arrives home, a hard butt whipping and real tears soon follow.

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Momma Spankings

Vanny Paddles Juno

Vanny Paddles Juno

When Juno decides to wear an inappropriate dress to Thanksgiving dinner, Vanny uses a wooden paddle to help change her mind. Bent over the spanking horse, Juno learns a harsh lesson about modesty.

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Spanking Nikki Brooks

Spanking Nikki Brooks

Greedy, ruthless and opportunistic talent agent Nikki Brooks receives an old-fashioned spanking that makes her squirm and howl.

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Bun Beating Fun

Riley’s Spanking Revenge

Hairbrush Spanking Sadie

When Riley catches Sadie slacking off instead of doing homework, she sees the perfect opportunity to give her rival a good hairbrush spanking.

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Spanking Sorority Girls

Caning Amelia-Jane

Caning Amelia Jane

Miss Rutherford’s toned bottom receives 12 stinging strokes of the cane after she is caught trying to sneak out from witness protection.

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