October 31, 2014

Slippering Camilla Scott

Slippering Camilla Scott

Contrite college girl Camilla admits to skipping class, knowing full well that she’ll be punished for it. Bending over the desk, she presents her bottom for 38 whacks with the dreaded slipper.

Click Here for free photos and video of Miss Scott’s traditional school discipline.


Caning Kami Robertson Bare

Caning Kami Robertson

In this classic video from her early days, spanking model Kami Robertson is smacked, slippered and caned while wearing an authentic Japanese school uniform and white regulation knickers.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of Kami’s bottom meeting the senior cane.

English Spankers

Gigi’s Sore Bottom Spanking

Spanking Gigi Allens

Gigi’s spanked bottom is so tender that she actually calls in sick, hoping she can stay home and sit on a pillow. Unfortunately the deception only earns Gigi another spanking from a very irritated Allison Tyler.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of Gigi Allens getting her sore butt spanked again.

Girl Spanks Girl

Gallery: Halloween CP

Bare Butt Brush Spanking

Melody and Angel are supposed to be on the job, but instead Sarah finds the two cuddling co-workers getting busy in a hotel room. Obviously the girls need to be spanked hard with hand, hairbrush and crop.

Click Here and Here for free photo galleries of two amorous employees getting their bare bottoms warmed.

Gallery: Halloween Spanks

Madison and Chloe Elise have lost their car keys just before the big Halloween party. Their solution to the problem? The girls decide to hold a spanking contest to determine which of them is to blame!

Click Here and Here for free photos of these two Halloween hotties spanking each other in several positions, and with a variety of implements.

My Spanking Roommate

Leandra’s Naked Caning

Caning Leandra Bare

Gorgeous young athlete Leandra is punished for her unacceptable second-place finish. Coach makes the girl strip naked for a good spanking, followed by firmly-applied caned strokes.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of this lovely blonde getting caned across her red bottom.

Reform School Paddling

Paddling Jodi Biltmore

Jodi Biltmore learns that theft is a very serious offence, especially at the reform academy. Bending over a chair, she presents her pert bottom for 12 hard swats from the board of education.

Click Here for free photos and video of Jodi getting swatted on her quivering bare buns.


Gallery: CP History Lesson

Corporal punishment and costumed historical drama collide in Question of Honor. Watch as a shameless lady is dragged indoors to receive a searing taste of the whip across her scandalous backside.

Click Here for a free photo gallery documenting this kinky history lesson.

Whipped Women

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