Video: Paddling Abigail

Spanking Abigail

“You spank me for everything I do, and for everything I don’t do?” Abigail Whittaker asks her Interventionist. Now that she’s living under his guidance, she has to abide by his rules and accept his punishments. This week that means a 40-swat, OTK spanking with an awful wood paddle -- 10 on skin-tight black shorts and 30 bare bottom, before being sent to the corner, toned … [Read more...]

Post-Tawsing Position

Punishment Position

After enduring 36 hard strokes from the tawse, Kajira must hold a very uncomfortable disciplinary position until all the sand has trickled from the hour glass. Visit the free Latest Updates area at the Real Spankings Institute for more photos of pretty rule breakers being punished. … [Read more...]

Gallery: Corner Time

Amelia Spanked

Her shapely bottom still pink and stinging, a repentant blond lovely is given some time for refection at the Girls Boarding School. Click Here to see more of this lithe young lady, front and back. … [Read more...]

Hot Bottoms for Both

Spanking Amy and Monique

It’s spanking time again for Amy and Monique. While one naughty minx gets her little tushie tanned, her partner in crime stands nervously in the corner, awaiting the next phase of her own punishment. Visit the free Preview area at Real Life Spankings to see other wayward Euro-girls getting spanked on their impertinent bare buns. … [Read more...]

Spanking and Corner Time

Strict Aunt Spanks Lorraine

Lorraine learns the hard way that Aunt Veronica has zero tolerance for youthful shenanigans. The strict woman spanks her niece soundly and then makes the girl kneel on an uncomfortable wooden bench for corner time. Click Here for free photos and video of young Lorraine’s old-fashioned attitude adjustment. … [Read more...]

Nude Spanking for Two

Clare Fonda Spanks a Bad Callgirl

Fetish model Sophie Nova and adult star Hollie Stevens play irresponsible call girls who are caught getting wasted on the job. For their shameful lack of dedication, Momma Clare decides to spank her soiled doves, reddening their bottoms and putting their pretty noses in the corner. Click Here for the free photo gallery of a strict Madam motivating her naughty girls. … [Read more...]

Constable Strapped and Caned

policewoman after her spanking

Spanked in Uniform presents Episode Eight of its South-West Police Station series, where Constable Pandora Blake is thoroughly strapped for not wearing her name tag. Afterwards, Miss Blake refuses to reveal the names of two other officers who have also lost their name tags -- which earns her a hard caning over the Chief’s desk. Visit the Updates area at Spanked in … [Read more...]

New Galleries Added!

Aunty Canes Her Girl

We're pleased to announce that we've added 16 new photo and video sets to the Spanking Starlets Galleries page, which features select content from a variety of quality spanking video producers. Even with our daily updates, it's obviously difficult for us to include everything that we might like to on the Spanking Starlets home page. The permanent Galleries section allows us … [Read more...]

Policewoman Punished


Leia-Ann Woods is rude to a citizen while on duty, which gets her summoned to the police station for a sound hairbrush spanking and a painful dose of the OTK cane. Then with her bottom on fire, Leia has to apologize on her knees and spend a full hour in the corner! Visit Spanked in Uniform for free photos of this pretty policewoman receiving harsh justice. … [Read more...]