January 30, 2015

Birching Her Naughty Backside

Birching Her Bottom

Despite frequent spankings and paddlings, incorrigible Ashley manages to get expelled from school. Obviously more serious measures are needed to curb this wicked girl’s misbehavior.

Click Here for free photos and Here for video of Ashley’s bare bottom birching.

Spanking Sarah

Mouth Soaping and Birching

Mouth Soaping Amelia

It’s aversion-therapy time for rogue model Amelia Rutherford. First her irate agent pushes a bar of soap into her mouth, before lashing Amelia’s bare bottom 34 times with a wicked bundle of switches.

Click Here for free photos and video of Miss Rutherford’s double punishment.


Idle Maid’s Corporal Discipline

Lazy Maid Birched

Sensual but lazy domestic servant Ashley is caught drinking and smoking when she should be doing the housework. Since regular spankings don’t seem to improve her behavior, this time she’ll be getting the heavy strop and the wicked multi-cane.

Click Here for free photos and Here for video of Ashley’s double punishment.

English Spankers

Imogen’s Corporal Punishment

Birching Imogen

After being soundly spanked, Imogen must select several canes to be used on her still-stinging bare bottom. The implements range from a very thick single rod to a whippy, birch-like bundle.

Click Here for free photos and Here for video of a naughty miss being thrashed.

Spanking Sarah

Gallery: Bedroom Birching

A high-spirited young wife receives some husbandly correction in the bedroom, capped off with several burning, biting strokes of the birch.

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Sexy Springtime Birching

Bare Bottom Birching

On the first of May, lovers meet in the woods to celebrate the new life of spring. Masculine and feminine are united in a Beltane ceremony that ends with the ritual application of the birch.

Click Here for more photos from this kinky pagan ritual.

Video: Victorian Maid

Rose the maid foolishly conceals the truth about Florence, the governor’s daughter, who has gone riding with the stable boy. When the subterfuge is discovered, the deceitful serving girl is promptly stripped and birched.

Click Here for free video clips of an untruthful maid being soundly thrashed.

Thrashed for Improper Underwear

Julie is a cute blonde waitress at Mike’s 1950s Diner, but she just can’t stay out of trouble. First she gets spanked for being late, then the cook whacks her with a carpet beater for smoking, and finally Julie gets a good birching for wearing unacceptable undergarments.

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