November 27, 2014

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Her Naughtiness Engine

Caning Her Bottom

Alex Reynolds confesses to having a Naughtiness Engine inside her which needs to be regularly subdued with corporal punishment, or else Alex will go completely off the rails!

Click Here for a free photo gallery of Miss Reynolds receiving her bare-bottom therapy.

Weekly Spanking Session

Her Weekly Spanking

Adriana shows up for her scheduled appointment with Mistress Sarah, which begins with the girl stripping down and straddling the bench. Before she’s released, Adriana will have to endure spanking, paddling and caning from her very sexy disciplinarian.

Click Here for a free photo gallery from this hot and hard spanking scene.

Madam Canes Miss Rutherford

Caning Amelia Rutherford

When Amelia accepted a job at the “special” massage parlor, she didn’t know that certain clients would wish to cane her. Madam decides to teach the girl how to take a proper thrashing and so awakens her early with swishy rod in hand.

Click Here for free photos and Here for video of Amelia’s cane training.

English Spankers

Gallery: Cane Pain

A raven-haired and pigtailed beauty — wearing a scandelous top that elevates and frames her prodigious breasts — learns that receiving the cane is serious business, especially when you have to sit on a hard, wooden bench afterwards.

Click Here to see the free sexy and searing photo set, courtesy of Whipped Women.

Whipped Women

Camilla’s Corporal Punishment

Caning Camilla Scott

For the final stage of her punishment, Camilla Scott must select four implements to be used on her naughty bottom. After being spanked, paddled, strapped and caned, perhaps Camilla will learn her lesson.

Click Here for free photos and video of Camilla’s tight little backside being thrashed.


Girl Friday Caned

Caning Belinda Lawson

Pretty office girl Belinda Lawson desperately wants a promotion, which gives the kinky boss a perfect opportunity to thrash her lovely bottom cheeks. Touching her toes for 18 searing strokes, Belinda earns her advancement the hard way.

Click Here for free photos and video of Miss Lawson’s workplace caning.


Video: English School

Sometimes traditional methods deliver the best results. Here a cheeky English coed is spanked and caned for not paying attention in class and not adhering to the school dress code.

Click Here for free video clips of this sassy British girl being punished at school.

English Spankers

Video: 100 Cane Strokes

Talk about severe punishment! When pretty, young Molly comes home late she is sentenced to 100 hundred merciless strokes of the cane.

But first poor Molly is spanked over the knee, both with a heavy hand and a paddle. Then she’s bound naked to the caning bench to receive her marathon thrashing.

Click Here for four free video clips of Molly getting the caning of her life!

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