September 30, 2014

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Video: 100 Cane Strokes

Talk about severe punishment! When pretty, young Molly comes home late she is sentenced to 100 hundred merciless strokes of the cane.

But first poor Molly is spanked over the knee, both with a heavy hand and a paddle. Then she’s bound naked to the caning bench to receive her marathon thrashing.

Click Here for four free video clips of Molly getting the caning of her life!

Naughty Rich Girl Caned

Rich Girl Caning

Spanking model Aleesha Fox portrays a very well-to-do young lady who is subjected to a harsh caning. Your wealth won’t save you this time, naughty girl.

Take the extensive free tour at Northern Spanking for more photos of genuine spankophiles sharing their passion for corporal discipline.

Alison Grabs Her Ankles

Caning Alison Miller

The sentence is 15 biting strokes of the cane across Alison Miller’s unprotected bottom. “I’d forgotten how sharp the sting of the cane is,” she says. “Holding my ankles just made it more difficult.”

Click Here for free photos and video of Miss Miller’s corporal punishment.

Aunty Katie Canes Amelia

Caning Amelia Rutherford

Amelia Rutherford tattles on another girl, but she’s the one who ends up in trouble. After being soundly spanked, Amelia bends over the punishment stool for a good thrashing with Aunty Katie’s favorite cane.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of a tempting tattletale being caned.

Corporal Punishment Horse

Caning Emily

As penance for failing a test, poor Emily must drape herself over the horse for both a birching and a caning.

Visit the free Preview area at Real Life Spankings to see other wayward Euro-girls getting thrashed on their impertinent bare buns.

Punished Au Pair Girl

Mia's Caned Bottom

Sarah’s new domestic assistant Mia has already been spanked and paddled. Now Sarah plans to drive the lesson home with a good caning. She orders poor Mia to bend over and present her red, marked bottom for the rattan.

Click Here for free photos and Here for video of Mia’s first taste of the cane.

Gallery: Welts and Tears

With painful stripes across her naughty bottom and her eyes still wet from sobbing, a well-punished young woman reflects upon her misdeeds.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of her post-caning recovery period.

Gallery: Hosed Down

No hot shower for these enemies of the state! Before each prisoner takes her turn over the caning bench, the whole group is subjected to an icy spray from the hose.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of incarcerated girls stripped, hosed and thrashed.

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