April 23, 2014

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Ten Amorette Caned Naked

Ten Amorette Caning

When Sarah catches Ten romping in bed with a young man, she decides to treat the brazen American girl to a traditional English thrashing. Perhaps the stinging swish of a good, flexible cane will teach Ten to keep her knickers on.

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Punishment Before Pleasure

Sarah's Nude Caning

Pandora isn’t happy when her girlfriend, Sarah, completely ignores her at the spanking party — while playing with everyone else! Perhaps a naked caning will encourage Sarah to reevaluate her priorities.

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Lola Marie Caned Naked

Caning Lola Marie

New spanking model Lola Marie is introduced to Sarah’s best and swishiest cane. The novice spankee has some trepidation about it, but cheekily bends over and presents her bottom anyway. Unfortunately for her, Sarah lays it on with every stroke.

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Natasha Caned in Solitary

On her third day of solitary confinement, inmate Natasha Byrne receives a punitive caning from prison guard Zoe Harrison. To compound Natasha’s humiliation, her tormentor is also her estranged sister!

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Gallery: Welt Inspection

A petite Asian beauty gracefully displays her marked bottom, as the disciplinarian scrutinizes her welted, naked flesh with great pleasure.

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Sleepy Stable Girl Caned

Stable Girl Caning

In this classic punishment scenario starring Pandora Blake and her real life partner D in matching leathers and tailcoats, a lazy stable girl is caught napping in the hay. To correct her behavior, the wench is upended over a hay bale for on-the-spot punishment.

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Eighteen-Stroke Thrashing

Alison Miller Caned Hard

Alison Miller sees a guy checking out the dancers backstage and sends him packing, not realizing he’s the show’s main investor! As punishment, Mr. Reed gives Alison 18 agonizing strokes of the cane.

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Gallery: Caned in Class

The skirt goes up, the regulation panties come down and a disobedient student gets the sass whipped out of her by the rattan cane. Afterwards the chastised young lady is forced to stand on a chair and display her welted butt.

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