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Video: Paddled Panties

Michaela Gets Paddled

A night of drinking earns the pajama-clad Michaela McGowen 10 hard swats with the wooden paddle. “I only have one word to describe this sequence: Ouchie,” she says. Click Here for free photos and video of the board cracking against Michaela’s panties. … [Read more...]

Gallery: Warming Her Panties

Black Panty Spanking

Amelia Rutherford is bent over and spanked, with only her sexy black panties for protection. Little does she know that she’ll soon be completely naked, getting a paddle applied to her naughty bottom. Click Here for a free photo gallery of Miss Rutherford’s steamy lingerie spanking. … [Read more...]

Gallery: Brushed Panties

Brush Spanking on Panties

At first it feels like her floral panties aren’t providing any protection from the flat of the bath brush. But when her panties come down, the girl desperately wishes they hadn’t. Click Here for a free photo gallery of a naughty girl getting spanked with the brush. … [Read more...]

Panties-Down Punishment

Sarah Gregory Hairbrush Spanking

Sarah’s mother-in-law is furious when she catches the girl cheating on her son. From that point on, Sarah must submit to daily spankings and other humiliating punishments. Click Here for a free photo gallery of a young wife being soundly disciplined. … [Read more...]

Video: Lacy Black Panties

Michaela McGowen Spanking

Skipping her study group and staying out late earns Michaela McGowen a 30-swat spanking with the leather paddle. Unfortunately, her scandalous underwear provides almost no protection for her world-famous cheeks. Click Here for free photos and video of Michaela crying “Ow!” after each meaty smack. … [Read more...]

Warming Her Stolen Panties

Mom Warms Her Panties

“You took them without paying?” Midori asks her daughter, after catching the girl wearing a very expensive pair of designer panties. Then angry Mom puts the little underwear thief over her knee for a severe spanking. Take the free tour at Hand Spanking for photos and video of a naughty girl feeling the wrath of Mom’s palm on her tight panties, as well as upon her tender bare … [Read more...]

Warming Her Panties

Warming Her Panties

Amaya’s report card reflects her frequent truancy and general lack of effort in class. After reviewing the girl’s pathetic grades, Veronica spanks Amaya firmly for failing to apply herself. Click Here for free photos and video of a lazy lass receiving a hot, stinging bottom. … [Read more...]

Paddled on Red Panties

Teacher Paddles Student

For her inexcusable violation, a beautiful girl must submit to a paddling from her cruel instructor. To her dismay, the lass discovers that sexy red panties provide very little protection from teacher’s heavy board. Visit the free sample galleries at Cutie Spankee for more photos of pert Japanese girls getting their naughty bottoms warmed. … [Read more...]

Erica’s Purple Panties

Beverly spanks Erica

Volleyball coach Beverly Bacci is not at all happy with Erica Corvina’s poor performance on the court. But instead of cutting the athletic girl from the team, Coach decides to put Erica back on track with a motivational spanking. Click Here for free photos and video of Ms. Bacci warming Erica’s striped panties. … [Read more...]