April 1, 2015

Video: Swats for Teacher

Newly-minted teacher Tina Tink violates the school code of conduct by partying with her pupils. Since she is subject to the same disciplinary guidelines as the student body, Tina gets a good, hard paddling for her transgression.

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Video: Brushing Tina Tink

College student Tina Tink was supposed to be cleaning Ms. Susan’s house. But instead of doing any actual housekeeping, work-shy Tina has been lounging on the couch, running up the phone bill.

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Video: Tina’s Hot Bottom

Tina Tink kicks and pounds her fists, but there is little she can do to escape the rain of painful spanks. Tina then lies on her bed, bright red bottom on display, and tries to soothe herself.

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Video: The Stinging Hairbrush

Tina Tink’s round bottom loses the protection of her denim shorts, leaving her tender cheeks fully exposed to the bite of Ms. Susan’s brush.

Click Here for a free video clip of Tina kicking and crying to the awful beat, courtesy of Punished Brats.

Teachable Moment, Part I

Veronica Bound plays a displeased mom who catches naughty daughter Tina Tink making an instructional video on cheating. Always practical, Veronica seizes the opportunity to demonstrate paddling a bad, bad girl.

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OTK Justice for Tina Tink

The prosecutor and defense attorney agree: Tina Tink deserves a good, old-fashioned spanking! After punishment is meted out, sexy Tina reviews what she’s learned and rubs her sore, round bottom.

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Rushing to Punishment

Tina Tink refuses to wait in line for the paddle. She pushes right past the other girls to get her punishment over with. If only she knew what she was in for!

Watch Tina get her comeuppance in the free video clip at Punished Brats.

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