Video: Susan’s Tears

Paddled to Tears

It's a tearful paddling for Susan Gilbert in the epic finale of her Firm Hand Spanking domestic discipline series. Looking hot in her school uniform, Susan bends over for eight solid licks from the board. Don't miss the slow-motion action replay! Click Here for free photos of the butt-burning punishment and a complimentary video clip. … [Read more...]

Sixty Paddle Swats for Susan Gilbert


Towel-wrapped beauty Susan Gilbert is fresh from a 45-minute shower, leaving no hot water for her husband John. Furious, he throws sassy Susan across the bed for 60 licks with a leather paddle, turning her bottom crimson with swat marks. Click Here for complimentary photos and a sample video from Firm Hand Spanking. … [Read more...]

It’s the Strap for Susan Gilbert


Radiant party girl Susan Gilbert gets her comeuppance in the latest release from Firm Hand Spanking. After spoiling a pleasant dinner with her antics, her pretty silver dress is raised and her panties lowered so she can receive a searing lesson from the spanking strap. Click Here to see sample photos and a free video clip. … [Read more...]