October 21, 2014

Gallery: Witch Spanks Her

Wicked Witch Spanks Her

Dorothy falls into the clutches of a sadistic sorceress who intends to take painful revenge on the poor girl’s naked backside. It might be time for Dorothy to activate those ruby slippers!

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Video: Halloween Paddling

When the Big Bad Wolf surprises Little Red Riding Hood at grandma’s house, he doesn’t eat her. Instead he paddles the girl’s bottom hard for all the trouble she’s caused him. Soon Little Red’s backside is almost as bright as her cape.

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Video: Juno After School

Juno is irresistibly cute, but her grades are flagging and she’s late for her study session, so classmate Vanny puts the inconsiderate girl over his lap and soundly spanks her pert, sexy bottom.

The next time Juno and Vanny meet, he punishes her soundly for texting during English class. Hairbrush and heavy leather paddle teach the petite beauty a lesson – the hard way.

Finally on Thanksgiving, Juno is caught wearing a very short outfit that is NOT suitable for the holiday. She is bent over a spanking horse and subjected to a tawsing, a caning and a heavy wooden paddling. Triple Owie!

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Gallery: Hard Hairbrushing

When Miss Chris catches her niece, Joelle, getting ready to strip on webcam, she drags the scantily-clad girl into position for a firm hairbrush spanking.

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Naughty Nurse Spanked

Sinn Sage dresses up as a naughty visiting nurse, hoping Chelsea Pfeiffer will be inspired to visit some spanks upon her needy little bottom.

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Poor Performance Paddling

Chelsea Pfeiffer’s stock portfolio took a real spanking in the market and now she wants her incompetent financial advisor, Molly Mathews, to get a sense of what it felt like.

Enjoy the Free Preview at Good Spanking for more photos and a complimentary video of Chelsea tanning a bevy of sexy young ladies.

Good Spanking

Spanked in Solitary

Social activist Irelynn Logeen stole money from financial fat cats and hid it away. Now locked in a notorious women’s penitentiary, the young Internet thief is frequently interrogated by jailhouse guards, who are eager to learn her secrets.

Take the free tour at Bars and Stripes for insider photos and video of corporal punishment, bondage, lesbianism and forced nudity behind prison walls.

Bars and Stripes

Gallery: Sasha’s Fantasy

Sasha is a busty redhead wearing a school uniform that is far too short to adequately cover her juicy bottom. She soon finds herself bent over Father Mitchell’s desk and smacked until she is genuinely sorry – though she finds herself strangely enjoying the attention!

Click Here for the free photo gallery, courtesy of Spanked Sweeties.


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