December 22, 2014

Gallery: Holiday Beatings

Veronica's Christmas Spanking

Naughty girls Veronica and Koko are decorating for Christmas when Veronica’s mother overhears them talking about anal beads!

Koko laughs openly while Veronica gets a sound hand and hairbrush spanking, but she doesn’t think it’s so funny when her own bottom’s getting warmed.

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Spanking Sorority Girls

Gallery: OTK Christmas

Her Christmas Spanking

Christmas is almost here and Momma’s darling daughter has been misbehaving more than ever. Santa pays the two a surprise visit to inform them that naughty girls like Sarah don’t get presents. They get spankings!

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Momma Spankings

Christmas Spanking Tail

Two sexy Christmas elves, Sinn Sage and Dani Daniels, get distracted while preparing toys for transport. It seems they’re having just too much holiday fun spanking and caressing each other!

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Gallery: Holiday Paddlings

Christmas Punishment

Since Veronica and Koko have been so naughty, they both get paddles for Christmas. Then Mom puts their new implements to work, making sure the girls have a very rosy holiday.

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Spanking Sorority Girls

Gallery: Candy Canings

Sarah Gregory and Kat St. James may be Santa’s favorite elves, but when the big guy catches his cute little helpers goofing off during the busiest time of year, he decides to give the girls a good Christmas caning.

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Laura’s Last Hope

With all of her other options exhausted and the cane about to fall, Laura appears to be calling on divine intervention to save her from Miss Shuttle’s wrath.

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Bryanna’s Spatula Spanks

Something is definitely burning in the kitchen! Sexy, blond Bryanna discovers that a slotted spatula stings like the fires of Hades when applied to her shapely, naked biscuits.

In this production for Spanking Bare Butts, Bryanna plays a call girl who receives a long, blistering spanking from her client’s incensed wife. Looks like she picked a bad day to wear butt floss instead of panties.

Spanking Bare Butts

Gallery: Paddled Sitter

Veronica arrives home to find a very large shoe abandoned in the living room, evidence that the babysitter, Pixie, must have had her boyfriend over. Such a flagrant violation of the rules earns the sneaky sitter a good paddling.

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