November 20, 2014

Bryanna’s Spatula Spanks

Something is definitely burning in the kitchen! Sexy, blond Bryanna discovers that a slotted spatula stings like the fires of Hades when applied to her shapely, naked biscuits.

In this production for Spanking Bare Butts, Bryanna plays a call girl who receives a long, blistering spanking from her client’s incensed wife. Looks like she picked a bad day to wear butt floss instead of panties.

Spanking Bare Butts

Gallery: Paddled Sitter

Veronica arrives home to find a very large shoe abandoned in the living room, evidence that the babysitter, Pixie, must have had her boyfriend over. Such a flagrant violation of the rules earns the sneaky sitter a good paddling.

Click Here for free photos and video of Pixie taking her punishment.


Paris Paddles Sinn

Paris Kennedy raises the stakes by taking a dense, hardwood paddle to Sinn’s tenderized bottom. Remember Paris, turnabout is fair play when it comes to spanking games.

Visit the Free Preview area at Spank Sinn for complimentary video clips of bisexual fetishists performing as both spankee and spanker.

Gallery: Spanking Shay

New spanking model Shay Golden proves she has what it takes, jutting her bottom out for the paddle and afterwards taking a painful hand spanking on her marked and crimson buns.

Click Here and Here for free photos of Miss Golden taking her punishment like a champ.


Handcuffed and Spanked

Political activist Aleesha Fox is handcuffed by the prison guards, marched to an ornate bedroom and paddled on her sheer black panties.

Take the free tour at Bars and Stripes for insider photos and video of corporal punishment, bondage, lesbianism and forced nudity inside a women’s penitentiary.

Bars and Stripes

Investment Spanking

Horrified by the poor performance of her investments, Chelsea Pfeiffer demands answers from her financial advisor, Molly Mathews.

“Well, it’s just like the market gave all of the investors a good spanking. That’s the best way to put it,” Molly says.

Very poor choice of words, Miss Mathews!

Enjoy the Free Preview at Good Spanking for more photos and a complimentary video of Chelsea tanning a bevy of deserving young ladies.

Good Spanking

Gallery: Halloween Spanks

Madison and Chloe Elise have lost their car keys just before the big Halloween party. Their solution to the problem? The girls decide to hold a spanking contest to determine which of them is to blame!

Click Here and Here for free photos of these two Halloween hotties spanking each other in several positions, and with a variety of implements.

My Spanking Roommate

Gallery: OTK Halloween

Halloween Spanking

Halloween at the sorority house takes a turn for the kinky as all the coeds there begin spanking each other, including Sarah Gregory, Christy Cutie, Kat St. James, Karina, Riley and Amaya.

Veronica Ricci goes home to have her own personal play party, but somehow ends up getting a hairbrush spanking over her mom’s knee anyway.

Click Here and Here for free photos of the Halloween spanking hijinks.

Spanking Sorority Girls


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