January 26, 2015

Gallery: Kay’s Hairbrushing

Porn star Rosario Stone shows she can swing a brush with the best of them, playing a dominant maid who is tired of cleaning up after pretty but sloppy Kay Richards. Perhaps a hot bottom and some bi-lingual scolding will teach Kay a lesson.

Click Here for the free photo gallery, courtesy of My Spanking Roommate.

My Spanking Roommate

Gallery: Tattoo Trouble

Even though Veronica has a tattoo of her own, she forbids her daughter Pixie from ever getting one. However, Pixie disobeys and then points out her mother’s hypocrisy, which earns the silly girl a good hairbrush spanking over mom’s lap.

Click Here for free photos of Pixie feeling Mom’s wrath.


Sinn Sage Reprimanded

When inmate Sinn Sage refuses to follow instructions, she receives an extended punishment session from her court-appointed disciplinarian, Chelsea Pfeiffer. Using a variety of spanking implements, Chelsea takes sexy Sinn through an odyssey of pain (and some pleasure).

Visit the Free Preview area at Spank Sinn for video clips of this bisexual fetishist performing as both spankee and spanker.

Gallery: Spanked Bellhop

As punishment for her poor service and flagrant disrespect, hotel employee Amelia-Jane Rutherford must take a bare-bottom spanking from heavy-handed guest Dana Specht.

Click Here for free photos of Amelia getting her famous backside warmed.

Gallery: Alicia’s Brushing

Alicia Panettiere is a genuine spanking enthusiast who loves exploring traditional discipline scenarios. In this intense scene, Clare Fonda spanks Alicia OTK with hand and hairbrush until the girl’s bottom turns crimson and her face is wet with tears.

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Niki and Amelia Caged!

Trapped in the tower, Niki Flynn thinks that she and Amelia-Jane Rutherford can escape through an old tunnel in the cellar. Alas, the steel gate is locked! Now the girls will be paddled and stripped by their mysterious captor.

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Video: Spanking Cherry

Chelsea Pfeiffer gives her spanking arm a good workout, tanning a pair of naughty butts belonging to Cherry and Clare.

When her hard right hand gets tired of slapping girl bottom, Chelsea breaks out the hairbrush and wooden paddle!

Click Here for free video clips of the all-girl spanking action.

Gallery: Holiday Beatings

Veronica's Christmas Spanking

Naughty girls Veronica and Koko are decorating for Christmas when Veronica’s mother overhears them talking about anal beads!

Koko laughs openly while Veronica gets a sound hand and hairbrush spanking, but she doesn’t think it’s so funny when her own bottom’s getting warmed.

Click Here and Here for free photos of two bad girls getting sore butts for Christmas.

Spanking Sorority Girls

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