October 30, 2014

Isobel’s Wet Spanking

Spanking Isobel

Bathing beauty Isobel Wren earns herself a wet-bottom spanking when she makes Sarah late for FetishCon. Can it really be called discipline if it pleasures the recipient?

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Halloween Double Spanking

Halloween Spankings

Miki finds herself in the middle of a Halloween spanking nightmare where she can’t move or speak. This leaves Miki’s bottom at the mercy of two young and pretty witches.

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Caning Kami Robertson Bare

Caning Kami Robertson

In this classic video from her early days, spanking model Kami Robertson is smacked, slippered and caned while wearing an authentic Japanese school uniform and white regulation knickers.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of Kami’s bottom meeting the senior cane.

English Spankers

Gigi’s Sore Bottom Spanking

Spanking Gigi Allens

Gigi’s spanked bottom is so tender that she actually calls in sick, hoping she can stay home and sit on a pillow. Unfortunately the deception only earns Gigi another spanking from a very irritated Allison Tyler.

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Girl Spanks Girl

Leandra’s Naked Caning

Caning Leandra Bare

Gorgeous young athlete Leandra is punished for her unacceptable second-place finish. Coach makes the girl strip naked for a good spanking, followed by firmly-applied caned strokes.

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Reform School Paddling

Paddling Jodi Biltmore

Jodi Biltmore learns that theft is a very serious offence, especially at the reform academy. Bending over a chair, she presents her pert bottom for 12 hard swats from the board of education.

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Bondage Brush Spanking

Bondage Brush Spanking

Justice is swift and painful at the House of Correction, as Lola Marie is finding out. Bound the way she is, there’s not much she can do to escape the nasty wooden clothes brush.

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Spanking Sarah

Nikki’s Sorority Spanking

Spanking Nikki Rouge

Senior sister Nikki Rouge has earned herself a hot bottom and freshly-spanked pledge Mary Jane is more than happy to warm it for her.

Click Here for a free video clip of Nikki’s bare-naked OTK spanking.


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