September 20, 2014

Amber’s Tearful Spanking

Stacy Spanks Amber

Sassy, disrespectful college babe Amber Davies is thoroughly punished by her sorority sister Stacy Stockton. Even when Amber starts to cry, Stacy continues smacking her naughty bottom.

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Lola Marie’s Double Paddling

Her Double Spanking

Katie and Sarah have devised a very special discipline session for the unrepentant Lola Marie. Stripped naked and bent over the punishment bench, the wicked girl receives the hardest paddling of her young life.

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Spanking Sarah

Slippering Her Girls

Slipper Spankings

Rosie and Nimue disgraced themselves at the tennis match, tarnishing their school’s reputation in the process. Punishment from their incensed coach, Amy Hunter, is administered swiftly and without sympathy.

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Roxie’s Severe Punishment

Roxie's Severe Punishment

Roxie’s grades have been plummeting, so the Dean to strap some responsibility into her. Wearing just socks, the nearly-naked girl tries to hold position while the leather wallops her backside.

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London Derrieres Caned

Nude Girls Caned

Three spirited British ladies travel to Las Vegas to raise hell, but wind up getting their panties lowered for a caning instead. Positioned side-by-side in their birthday suits, the pretty party girls get some nice stripes to take home with them.

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Naked Sorority Paddling

Sorority Girl Paddled Nude

Mandie is disciplined naked for shaming the sorority house with her promiscuous behavior. After a hard OTK spanking, the naughty coed has to bend over and present herself for the heavy paddle.

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Adrienne’s Corporal Punishment

Caning Adrienne Black Bare

Adrienne Black’s eyes fill with tears as she’s spanked, caned and strapped for wearing shorts to the office. After Johnny spanks the leggy blonde, his lovely wife Stacy takes over with the implements.

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Aleesha’s Attitude Adjustment

Cheerleader Spanking

Head cheerleader Aleesh Fox is a bit lazy, so Coach Leia-Ann Woods gives the girl a motivational hand spanking, followed by firm licks with the Spencer paddle.

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