July 30, 2014

Miss Rutherford’s Firm Caning

Caning Amelia Rutherford

Mr. Clifford administers the final phase of Amelia’s well deserved punishment in the form of a traditional caning, leaving the lovely academician well marked and in tears.

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Birching Her Naughty Backside

Birching Her Bottom

Despite frequent spankings and paddlings, incorrigible Ashley manages to get expelled from school. Obviously more serious measures are needed to curb this wicked girl’s misbehavior.

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Spanking Sarah

OTK Hairbrush Discipline

Her Hairbrush Spanking

Ten gives her defiant sister-in-law a good spanking on her tights with both hand and a wooden hairbrush. When Pandora continues to protest, Ten bares the tart’s bottom and continues to spank long and hard.

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Private School Paddling

Spanking Stephanie Murray

When sexy coed Stephanie Murray foolishly claims that a dog ate her homework, the assistant principal bends the girl over for 26 swats with a paddle.

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Naked Domestic Discipline

Spanking His Wife

Young married couple Korey and James have never made a spanking video before, but they are absolutely adorable in this realistic domestic discipline scene.

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Spanked with Brush and Belt

Hairbrush Spanking

When Sarah and Kat misbehave they get their pajamas lowered for the wooden hairbrush and the leather belt. No amount of whining or promises will save their tender tushies from punishment.

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Girls Paddled for Smoking

Girls Paddled Hard

Monica is bent over and paddled hard her shorts, while Alyssa nervously awaits her turn. Then Alyssa assumes the position and presents her own backside for the board.

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Brazilian Au Pair Spanked

Au Pair Spanked Hard

When foul-mouthed au pair Adriana is bent over for a bare-ass spanking, she unleashes a torrent of Portuguese profanity. Unfortunately for her upturned bum, this only gets her spanked even harder.

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