January 29, 2015

Spanking Invite Accepted

Spanking Belinda

The spankings heat up for Belinda Lawson after she confesses that she likes getting her bottom warmed. Bent over a pool table with backside bare, Miss Lawson takes 58 swats for “personal development.”

Click Here for free photos and video of Belinda getting just what she asked for.


Julie’s Hairbrush Spanking

Julie's Hairbrush Spanking

When Gretta discovers all manner of illicit items in her daughter’s purse, she gives Julie the strict, bare-bottom spanking that she so richly deserves. Julie may be all grown up, but the wooden hairbrush is still just as effective as always.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of a naughty young women receiving much-needed discipline over Mom’s lap.


Sneaky Ass Slapper

Slapping Her Ass

Veronica Ricci creeps up on Sarah Gregory while she’s sleeping and wakes the unsuspecting hottie with a good smack on the behind.

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Spanking Sorority Girls

Bettie Bondage Spanks Them

Bettie Bondage Spanks Her

Pro dominant Bettie Bondage uses OTK spanking to motivate aspiring call girls Bunny and Luna. Either they learn to walk properly in heels or she’ll paddle their butts pink.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of Ms. Bondage taking charge and spanking ass.

Spanked Call Girls

Stepdaughter Spanked OTK

Stepmom Brush Spanking

There might be little age difference between them, but Sarah is very serious about disciplining her stepdaughter. When the naughty blonde is caught gambling at a casino, Sarah gives the girl a good spanking over her lap.

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Momma Spankings

Painful Yardstick Spanking

Her Ruler Spanking

Naughty college girl Camilla Scott must grab her ankles for 36 burning strokes, after admitting that she quit school to work at an adult magazine.

Click Here for free photos and video of Camilla receiving a yard of punishment.


Sophia Locke’s Judicial Caning

Sophia's Judicial Caning

Having pled guilty to a charge of driving under the influence, a voluptuous redhead faces prison time and fines, unless she agrees to the alternate penalty of a 24-stroke caning over the punishment bench.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of Sophia’s alabaster cheeks being striped by Miss Venus Divine and her whippy cane.


Tammy’s Hairbrush Spanking

Hairbrush Spanking Tammy

Poor Tammy finds herself bent over the lap of her psycho mother-in-law, who delights in spanking the girl’s bottom with a wooden hairbrush.

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