November 27, 2014

Syrena’s Discipline Day

Spanking Syrena Hard

After a long spanking, Syrena is ordered to touch her toes for a very hard whuppin’ that leaves her bottom bruised and her face wet with tears.

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Kailee Gets Paddled

Spanking His Girlfriend

After a nine-minute hand spanking, Kailee Robinson’s tender tushie receives a good workout from the big leather paddle. Kailee responds by showing her Top some post-punishment appreciation.

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Brianna Brown Spanked

Spanking Brianna Brown

The young hottie experiences genuine feelings and discomfort as she submits to a maternal-type spanking from Miss Cassie.

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Amelia’s Razor Strapping

Amelia Rutherford Strapped

Amelia Rutherford thinks she’s scamming the London Tanner by submitting to his kink, but the wily Englishman knows exactly what he’s doing.

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Spanking Sarah

Tara’s Nude Paddling

Her Naked Spanking

When Tara Somerville is caught making out with Tiffany in the executive lounge, the blonde hottie is stripped nude for the spanking of her life. Eighty-seven swats with the paddle set her perky buns and breasts a bouncing.

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Severe Hairbrush Spanking

Hard Hairbrush Spanking

Michael has tried many forms of punishment with Alex, but nothing seems to improve the rebellious girl’s behavior. Maybe a good, hard hairbrushing will finally get her attention.

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Jenni Spanked in Uniform

Spanking Jenni Mack

Jenni Mack’s regulation panties are pulled down to her knees after she tries to steal answers for the midterm exam. Her already spanked sister, Sarah, watches sympathetically while rubbing a sore backside.

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Peace Officer Spanked

Stevie Spanked OTK

After hot Officer Stevie spanks Madison for dancing too loudly in her apartment, the red-bottomed party girl returns the favor by putting the young cop over her knee.

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My Spanking Roommate

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