December 19, 2014

Sophia’s Sorority Spanking

Nude Sorority Spanking

The defiant freshman is placed naked on a bench and instructed to present her ripe, curvy bottom for spanking, strapping and paddling from three of her sorority sisters.

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Hairbrush Spanking Time

Hairbrush Spanking Time

Roxie and Lauren are hanging out, texting, laughing and having a grand time. But when the inconsiderate girls make too much noise, they get the hairbrush applied to their little butts.

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Spanking Fantasy Realized

Spanking Molly Malone

John Beecroft has a delicate matter to discuss with Molly Malone. Having found a bag of spanking implements, and a book discussing erotic spanking, he insists that Molly explain herself.

Feigning shock that she’d want to be beaten for carnal pleasure, John bends Molly over the sofa for ‘punishment’. As young woman reads aloud from her book – Curious Pleasures – John whacks her firmly with a flogger, and then takes her breath away with a hard strapping.

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Nude Bedroom Spankings

Naked Sexy Spanking

Gigi tries to assert her dominance by bending Allison over for a hairbrush spanking. The busty brunette has other ideas however, and soon Gigi is feeling the brush on her own bottom.

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Girl Spanks Girl

Belinda Likes Spanking

Spanking Belinda Lawson

Stunning assistant Belinda Lawson admits to the boss that having her butt spanked isn’t punishment: she actually enjoys it. Let’s see how she likes 26 licks with the strap then!

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Yuletide Brush Spankings

Christmas Brush Spanking

Someone broke the Christmas tree angel, but neither Ivy nor Cupcake will admit to the crime. That’s OK though. Lana will simply spank her naughty girls good and hard until one of them confesses.

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Girl Spanks Girl

Spanking Signals Received

Sexy Spanking

Lola Marie attempts to lure Pandora away from her computer work by scrubbing the oven in skimpy lingerie and wiggling her gorgeous bum. The ploy works beautifully and earns Lola the sexy domestic discipline she was craving.

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Self-Spanker Punished

Self Spanker Spanked Bare

There’s a spanking going on next door, so curious Maria decides to smack her own butt while she peeps on the action. Unfortunately Mom catches Maria in the act and gives her a real spanking to fantasize about.

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