October 2, 2014

Her Sheer Panty Caning

Secretary Caning

This secretarial caning begins with Vix being admonished for her bad attitude and receiving six strokes over her tight black skirt. Incredibly the girl’s insolence continues, so Pandora decides to apply a sharper lesson across her sheer knickers.

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Sorority House Spankings

Sorority Spankings

Sorority pledges Ann and Julie believe that their senior sister Carolyn is so sexually repressed that she has been subjecting them to unfair corporal punishments, simply to get a thrill. So the two girls hatch a plan to deal with their uptight superior.

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Her Spanking Gambit Fails

Aunt Spanks Ashley

Ashley knows she has a spanking coming, so she wears several layers of panties in hopes of protecting her bottom. Unfortunately the ruse is discovered and now her aunt is even madder than before.

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Girl Spanks Girl

Brush Spanking Ella Hughes

Brush Spanking Ella

The beautiful Ella has braved her first spanking and now her tender, red bottom is ready for round two. This time however, Ella’s backside will be kissed with an unforgiving wooden implement.

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Spanking Sarah

Well-Strapped Bottom

Her Belt Spanking

As punishment for partying hard in her dorm, flame-haired Alison Miller is sentenced to 40 licks with a belt. With her legs kicking and teeth gritted, Alison gets an ass-whuppin’ she won’t soon forget.

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Spanking Two Au Pairs

Spanking Au Pairs

When Mrs. Stern catches Jess and Amelia boozing it up in the afternoon, she decides to give both girls the flat of her hand, right where it will do them the most good.

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English Spankers

Amelia Tawsed and Caned

Amelia's Corporal Punishment

Naughty coed Amelia-Jane Rutherford is in big trouble after fighting with girls from a rival academy. For her violation, Amelia is tawsed, caned and forced to kneel on the punishment tray.

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Vivian’s Hairbrush Spanking

OTK Hairbrush Spanking

Vivian Sweet misses a dinner date with her husband because she was out lingerie shopping. Since the punishment should fit the crime, Vivian receives a long OTK brush spanking while wearing her new red negligee.

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