Video: Paddled Panties

Michaela Gets Paddled

A night of drinking earns the pajama-clad Michaela McGowen 10 hard swats with the wooden paddle. “I only have one word to describe this sequence: Ouchie,” she says. Click Here for free photos and video of the board cracking against Michaela’s panties. … [Read more...]

Video: Caned in the Buff

Her Nude Caning

“I’m bent over, I’m naked, I’m humiliated, and I’m taking my punishment,” says a nude Michaela McGowen. For trying to bribe a judge, Cindy Wallace makes the bodacious Michaela bend forward for 17 searing strokes of the cane. Click Here for free photos and video of Michaela’s nude caning. … [Read more...]

Video: Thieving Nanny

OTK Bath Brush Spanking

Lizzy Madison gives sticky-fingered nanny Michaela McGowen a good dose of the brush for pilfering $200 in petty cash. As you can imagine, the stingy wood is quite effective. “A brush on my bare tush is always worse than I expect,” Michaela admits. Click Here for free photos and video of Miss McGowen over Lizzy’s knee. … [Read more...]

Video: Red-Hot Rump

Michaela McGowen Brush Spanking

Michaela McGowen really shouldn’t have made personal calls at work or spoken badly about her strict boss Cindy Wallace. Such behavior earns Miss McGowen a 50-swat hairbrush spanking on the table, with her sexy legs up and her tight jeans down. Click Here for free photos and video of Michaela’s glowing butt, courtesy of Firm Hand Spanking. … [Read more...]

Video: Chilly Spanking

Cold Spanking

When Michaela McGowen skips work to go snow boarding, she incurs the wrath of strict Aunt Cindy, who feels the girl's punishment should fit the crime. Poor Michaela is sentenced to sit her bare buns in the cold, cold snow, before receiving a wooden-spoon spanking that sets her delicious rear on fire! It's Firm Hand Spanking's chill 'em down and heat 'em up installment to … [Read more...]

Video: Lacy Black Panties

Michaela McGowen Spanking

Skipping her study group and staying out late earns Michaela McGowen a 30-swat spanking with the leather paddle. Unfortunately, her scandalous underwear provides almost no protection for her world-famous cheeks. Click Here for free photos and video of Michaela crying “Ow!” after each meaty smack. … [Read more...]

Video: Paddled Cowgirl

Paddled Cowgirl

Sassy blonde Justine Adams foolishly steals $100 from Firm Hand Spanking's Michaela McGowen, who responds by giving the cowgirl 10 harsh swats with the paddle on her Daisy Duke denim shorts. Click Here to see Justine bend over the cowhide stool and take her licks. … [Read more...]

Strapped for Bad Grades

Michaela McGowen Strapped Hard

Michaela McGowen is not happy about bending over for 20 licks with the leather strap. “I’m going to call my dad and let him know exactly what you’re doing to his little princess!” Click Here for free photos and video of a negligent college girl feeling the heat. … [Read more...]

Ten Smacks for Michaela

Michaela McGowen Paddled Bare

Ten bare-bottom swats with the school paddle leave spanking superstar Michaela McGowen breathless and throbbing. This is the final scene in the Legal Penalties series, so Cindy Wallace gives Michaela a paddling to remember! Click Here for free photos and video of Michaela’s punishment, courtesy of Firm Hand Spanking. … [Read more...]