Gallery: Bouncy Bum Spankings

Anikka Hairbrush Spanking

Anikka Albrite is the landlady's new assistant and her job includes spanking young ladies who don't pay their rent, like always-broke Mary Jane. Annika spanks the girl’s bouncy bottom very hard with her hand and a hairbrush, until Mary Jane turns the tables and gets in some licks of her own. Click Here and Here for free photos of this tasty girl-on-girl spanking scene. … [Read more...]

Nikki’s Sorority Spanking

Spanking Nikki

Senior sister Nikki Rouge has earned herself a hot bottom and freshly-spanked pledge Mary Jane is more than happy to warm it for her. Click Here for a free video clip of Nikki’s bare-naked OTK spanking. … [Read more...]

Gallery: Spanked Coeds

Summer School Spanking

School spanking spectacular Exclusive Education 6 has arrived at Girl Spanks Girl. This year’s class of naughty young ladies includes Veronica Ricci, Ten Amorette, Sophia Locke, Bliss Evermore, Mary Jane, Nena, Julie Night and Mandee Miller. Click Here for a free photo gallery of these mischievous girls getting their school skirts raised and their sexy bottoms smacked. … [Read more...]

Madison’s Painful Present

Spanking Madison

Madison gets a visit from Mary Jane and Veronica Ricci, who bring her a wooden bath brush as a housewarming present. Then the girls bend Madison over and spank her hard. Some gift! Click Here for a free photo gallery from this sexy three-girl spanking party. … [Read more...]

Gallery: Bedtime Spanking

Veronica's Hairbrush Spanking

Mary Jane, Veronica Ricci and Lilia Spinoza refuse to behave, so Mama Clare pulls down their pajama bottoms one by one and gives them each a good spanking with her hairbrush. Click Here for a free photo gallery of three naughty girls getting disciplined. … [Read more...]

Mary Jane Spanks First

Spanked on Panties

Two of the curviest, juiciest spankees you’ll find anywhere, Anikka Albrite and Mary Jane, decide to punish each other over a disagreement. Witness their long, hard hand spankings and bouncing red bottoms. Click Here and Here for free photos of the sexy girl-on-girl discipline. … [Read more...]

Punished for Tardiness

Spanked by Mary Jane

Missy showed up late for her shoot, and since she’s typically very punctual, she wanted to work her tardiness into a spanking scene. Mary Jane spanked her so hard though, Missy says she never wants to be late for anything ever again. Click Here for free photos of Mary Jane spanking both Missy and Lilia. … [Read more...]

Spanking Her Spanker

Mary Jane Spanks Kay

Naked hottie Kay Richards spanks Mary Jane in the kitchen, using both her hand and nasty wooden spatula. However Mary Jane soon takes control of the cooking implement, applying it gleefully to Kay’s bare bottom. Click Here for a free photo gallery of two sexy girls trading spanks. … [Read more...]

Their Very Strict Cousin

Alicia Hairbrush Spanking

Mary Jane and Ten were frequently spanked by their older cousin, Alicia Panettiere, when they were growing up. Now that the brunette beauties are adults, Cousin Alicia warns them to expect intense punishment for even minor infractions. Click Here for a free photo gallery of Miss Panettiere making good on her promise. … [Read more...]