Video: Nude Strapping

Nude Strapping

Naked in front of the belt is not where any young lady wants to be. Watch Veronica Bound apply the leather to nubile and nude Lily Anna in the Punished Brats production of Whip Em Out. Click Here for free photos and video clips of Lily Anna dancing to the tune of Veronica's strap. … [Read more...]

Video: Red Hot Denim

Paddled on Jeans

For forging a note from her parents, Lily Anna receives the heavy school paddle across the seat of her faded jeans. Stretched tight as it is, the denim offers remarkably little protection. Click Here for free photos and video of Lily Anna gasping as the board cracks against her backside. … [Read more...]

Gallery: Wall of Bare Butts

several spanked schoolgirls

Spanking starlets Lily Anna, Sara Faye, Ashli Orion, Natalie Minx, Samantha Grace, Ariel X and Madison Martin flaunt their lovely assets in Exclusive Education 4, the latest installment of the hot classroom punishment series from Girl Spanks Girl. Click Here for a free photo gallery showing these naughty, sexy girls getting spanked two at a time by Principal Miller and Miss … [Read more...]

Video: Paddled at School

Pixie School Swats

Pixie and Lily Anna thought it would be a brilliant idea to forge signatures on each other's disciplinary notices, rather than having their parents sign them. The school Dean isn’t fooled by the deception though, and introduces the girls to the dreaded board of education. Click Here for free photos and video of a naughty forger getting the seat of her jeans warmed. … [Read more...]

Gallery: Eight Red Moons

Spanked Bottoms

Eight well-spanked girls line up and drop their panties, displaying 16 glowing cheeks (and a few serious marks). It's all part of Exclusive Education 4, featuring Clare Fonda, Lana, Snow Mercy, Madison Martin, Lily Anna, Ashli Orion, Natalie Minx, Sarah Fay, Samantha Grace and Ariel X. Click Here for the hard-hitting preview photos, courtesy of Girl Spanks Girl. … [Read more...]

Video: Taking a Dive

Lily Anna Hairbrush Spanking

Lily Anna intentionally throws the spelling competition so she'll be free to attend big party instead of going to nationals. Unfortunately, Mom has zero tolerance for such behavior and responds by giving her girl a hard hairbrush spanking. Click Here for free photos and video of Lily Anna’s painful lesson in responsibility. … [Read more...]

Video: The Late Fee

Lily Anna Paddled

Lily Anna put off completing her college applications, so now her mom, Lynn, has to pay late fees. Exasperated Lynn decides to teach her daughter an important lesson about procrastination. Click Here for free photos and video of Lily Anna’s sound bare-bottom paddling. … [Read more...]

The Center of Attention

Lily Anna's Paddling

Lily Anna is horribly jealous when friends and family gush over her sister, who has just returned from college. But when Veronica focuses all of her attention on Lily's backside, the young woman learns it can be quite painful to be in the spotlight. Click Here for free photos and video of an envious girl getting paddled. … [Read more...]

Gallery: Strict Aunt Bella

Strict Aunt Spanks

Snow Mercy plays a very traditional aunt who punishes a pair of cheeky young tarts the old-fashioned way. Alicia Panetierre and cherubic Lily Anna play the naughty girls who kick, cry and eventually submit to their Aunt Bella's bare-bottom chastisement. Click Here for a free photo gallery of this extended all-girl spanking scene. … [Read more...]