April 16, 2014

Danielle’s Spanking Secrets

Lana Spanks Danielle Hunt

You’ve probably seen Danielle Hunt on virtually every spanking site, but now you can learn how she became such an enthusiastic spanking model. Danielle admits she wasn’t spanked by her mom growing up, but probably deserved it. Fortunately Lana Miller steps in to give Miss Hunt the firm maternal spanking she missed out on.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of Danielle getting paddled over Lana’s lap.

Madam Lana Spanks Her Girls

Lana Spanks Ginger OTK

Freshly-minted escorts Danielle and Ginger are caught fighting over a client, so Madam Lana decides to lay down the law. She gives both tarts a sound over-the-knee spanking, including 10 extra-painful whacks with a wooden paddle.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of two bad girls receiving corporal punishment.

Gallery: Teacher Spanked

The spanked schoolgirls of Exclusive Education 5 are giving their teachers and school administrators a taste of their own bare-bottom medicine. Here Sarah Gregory and Nikki Rouge remind Lana what a good spanking feels like.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of the sexy classroom uprising.

Principal Miller Paddles Beverley

In her last scene as a bottom, Beverley Bacci gets a hard spanking from her Principal (Lana Miller), to the point where she sheds real tears. After being lectured for her misbehavior, Beverley is soundly punished with hand, hairbrush and wooden paddle.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of Miss Bacci’s meeting with the board of education.

Spanking the Miller Girls

Lana spanks her real-life relatives Michelle and Mandee Miller who play sassy call girls sporting major attitudes. When Lana is finished tanning their butts however, both Miller girls are wailing and repentant.

 Click Here for free photos of two bad lasses getting their attitudes adjusted.

Rihanna’s First Spanking Shoot

New spanking model Rihanna enjoys light CP play in her personal life, but she wasn’t prepared for the level of discipline she received in this mother/daughter reenactment! The poor newbie had trouble sitting down long after the cameras stopped recording.

Click Here for free photos of Rihanna taking a spanking and Here to see her dishing one out.

In the Principal’s Office

Girls school teacher Ms. Snow is summoned to a meeting in Principal Miller’s office, but when she arrives, she finds her superior spanking a naughty student named Porcelain. Ms. Snow doesn’t know it yet, but she’ll be spanking a few butts as well when she returns to her class.

Click Here for free photos of pale-skinned Porcelain getting her bottom reddened.

Gallery: 10 Spanked Girls

Girl Spanks Girl presents the fifth installment of its legendary Exclusive Education series, featuring 10 schoolgirls spanked with hand, hairbrush and a paddle!

The young spankees include sassy girls, shy girls, skinny girls and curvy girls, giving viewers a wonderful range of big bottoms and tight tushies.

The top-notch cast includes Lana as the hard-spanking Principle Miller and Alicia Panettiere as the strict new teacher ready to make her girls squeal for mercy.

The class of cheeky schoolgirls is filled with spanking models Sarah Gregory, Katherine St. James, Nikki Rouge, April O’Neil and Elise Graves, as well as newcomers Lindsay Meyers, Sandy Mendoza, Kisa Elaine Corvin, Natasha and Marie Elle.

Enjoy these three FREE photo galleries from this classroom spanking spectacular!

Free Spanking Gallery One

Free Spanking Gallery Two

Free Spanking Gallery Three

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