Video: Kelly Spanks Her

Kelly Payne Spanks Her Good

When a young woman refuses to conform to the school’s dress code, Kelly Payne squelches her rebellion with an over-the-knee, bare-bottom spanking. Soon the girl’s bottom is cherry red and she’s renouncing her contrarian ways. Click Here for free video clips of a pretty miss learning to respect the uniform. … [Read more...]

Video: Spanked Shoplifter

Spanked Shoplifter

Kelly Payne plays a no-nonsense police officer who decides to make an example of a habitual thief. Miss Payne strip-searches the shoplifter and then punishes her with a bare-butt spanking, a strapping and a merciless hairbrushing, reducing the repeat offender to tears. Click Here for free video clips documenting Miss Payne’s hard-hitting style of justice. … [Read more...]

Video: School Spankings

Kelly Payne School Spanking

Tasha Lee is the new teacher at St. Thrashmore, an extremely exclusive school for girls. As part of her orientation, headmistress Kelly Payne explains to Ms. Lee that discipline is very strict at St. Thrashmore and infractions are dealt with using vigorous corporal punishment. Click Here for free video clips of Ms. Payne demonstrating proper spanking techniques on both her … [Read more...]