April 24, 2014

Gallery: Punished Nude

Kay Richards, one of the sexy superstars of My Spanking Roommate, gets gloriously naked for a hard spanking from Nikki, a tough and red-hot tattoo model. Watch reactive Kay wiggle, moan and cry as her creamy bottom speckles under Nikki’s hand and paddle.

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My Spanking Roommate

Overpowered for Punishment

Ashley Rose Spanks Kay

Tired of being spanked, Ashley Rose decides to take revenge on Kay, which is easy since she towers over the other girl. Tossing Kay over her knee like a doll, Ashley reddens her bottom with both hand and hairbrush.

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Pink Paddle, Sore Bottom

Coach Spanks Her

Kay Richards has been slacking off, so Mom hires a strict life coach to whip the girl into shape. The trainer’s motivational paddle may be cute, but boy does it ever sting!

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Hairbrush Spanking Retribution

Kelli Spanks Kay Richards

Kay Richards spanked Sarah, so Sarah’s friend Kelli decides to administer some painful payback with the flat of her hand and a wooden hairbrush. Kay cries, kicks and begs for mercy, but that doesn’t stop Kelli from giving her a red-hot bottom.

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Reciprocal Nude Spankings

Nude Sister Spanked

Sexy siblings Veronica and Kymberly Jane want to avoid being spanked by their new governess, so they decide to settle sisterly disputes by spanking each other instead. Bare naked, of course.

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Their Governess Spanks Hard

Pretty slackers Veronica Ricci and Kay Richards are getting stoned on the couch when they’re startled by a knock at the door. To their dismay, it’s a strict new governess the girls’ parents have hired to spank them into shape.

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No Mercy from Snow Mercy

Kay Richards receives a flurry of stinging spanks over Snow Mercy’s knee, right after watching Veronica Ricci get the same treatment. It always hurts more than you expect, doesn’t it Kay?

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Kay Spanks and Paddles Ashley

When Ashley hid a vibrator in Kay’s room for the maid to find, Kay got her bottom warmed. Now Kay pays Ash back for the painful prank, first spanking the girl and then taking a paddle to her sore bottom.

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