Gallery: Maternal Domestic Discipline

Domestic Discipline

Mom gives her adult daughter Kay a motivational spanking, right in front of the brat’s new roommate, Rainey. When Rainey laughs at Kay’s misfortune, she finds herself squirming over Mom’s knee as well. Click Here for a free photo gallery of two immature young ladies getting properly spanked and paddled. … [Read more...]

Rainey Paddles Kay

Spanking Kay

Kay Richards likes to initiate her new roommates with a good spanking. Rainey Lane submits to Kay’s request and then decides that Kay could use a hot bottom herself. Click Here for a free photo gallery of two sexy girls spanking each other. … [Read more...]

Gallery: Kay’s Hairbrushing

OTK Hairbrush Spanking

Porn star Rosario Stone shows she can swing a brush with the best of them, playing a dominant maid who is tired of cleaning up after pretty but sloppy Kay Richards. Perhaps a hot bottom and some bi-lingual scolding will teach Kay a lesson. Click Here for the free photo gallery, courtesy of My Spanking Roommate. … [Read more...]

Kay’s Christmas Spanking

Christmas Spanking

Kay Richards is supposed to play an elf for Christmas, but throws a tantrum about it. Her mom isn’t tolerating any bratty behavior however, and gives the girl a sore bottom for the holidays. Click Here for a free photo gallery of Kay getting rosy red marks on her backside. … [Read more...]

Daughter Spanks Mother

Daughter Spanks

Kay Richards decides to teach mommy dearest a lesson for punishing her at the office. Kay tosses some money on the floor, waits for Mom to bend over and then reminds Mama’s bottom what a spanking feels like. Click Here for a free photo gallery from this reverse domestic discipline scene. … [Read more...]

Drop-Seat Pajama Spankings

Pajama Spanking

Ludella and Kay prepare for bed by slipping into their matching drop-seat pajamas. Fortunately for us a disagreement ensues, which the girls resolve by wrestling and spanking each other. Click Here for a free photo gallery of pajama flaps coming down and bare butts being warmed. … [Read more...]

Gallery: Punished Nude

Kay Richards Nude Spanking

Kay Richards, one of the sexy superstars of My Spanking Roommate, gets gloriously naked for a hard spanking from Nikki, a tough and red-hot tattoo model. Watch reactive Kay wiggle, moan and cry as her creamy bottom speckles under Nikki’s hand and paddle. Click Here for free the photos of Kay getting spanked hard in her birthday suit! … [Read more...]

Overpowered for Punishment

Ashley Spanks Kay

Tired of being spanked, Ashley Rose decides to take revenge on Kay, which is easy since she towers over the other girl. Tossing Kay over her knee like a doll, Ashley reddens her bottom with both hand and hairbrush. Click Here for a free photo gallery of Kay Richards being overpowered and spanked. … [Read more...]

Pink Paddle, Sore Bottom

Coach Spanks

Kay Richards has been slacking off, so Mom hires a strict life coach to whip the girl into shape. The trainer’s motivational paddle may be cute, but boy does it ever sting! Click Here for a free photo gallery of Kay’s bare-bottom OTK spanking. … [Read more...]