March 31, 2015

Kailee’s Detention Paddling

Detention Paddling

For the crime of demeaning her classmates, arrogant coed Kailee earns herself a week in detention. However, she can erase that sentence if she bends over for a hard spanking, strapping and paddling.

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Kailee Gets Paddled

Spanking His Girlfriend

After a nine-minute hand spanking, Kailee Robinson’s tender tushie receives a good workout from the big leather paddle. Kailee responds by showing her Top some post-punishment appreciation.

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Video: Kailee & Berlin

Enjoy free video clips of spanker extraordinaire Chelsea Pfeiffer giving half-hour spanking sessions to two glorious bottoms: Kailee and Berlin.

First, corporal-punishment superstar Kailee gets a diabolical hand spanking, followed by the leather paddle, a dose of the hairbrush, a black leather strap, a VERY large wooden paddle and Chelsea’s little twisted cane – which is a lot stingier than it looks!

Then things are looking bad for Berlin. Chelsea finds a cigarette lighter in the back pocket of the girl’s jeans, which sends Ms. Pfeiffer on a spanking/scolding tangent! Berlin’s hand spanking is quite short and Chelsea quickly moves on to the first of her six implements, determined to make her point about smoking.

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Video: Spanked to Tears

Break out the hanky and enjoy four Free Video Clips from Tears, the movie where gorgeous young women are spanked, paddled and strapped until their eyes are wet and their punished bottoms are beet red.

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Gallery: Swats for Kailee

Spanking superstar Kailee poses for post-paddling photos at the Girls Boarding School. Red is an excellent color for her shapely bottom.

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Jasmine Paddled at School

Jasmine and Kailee learn a valuable lesson that’s not on the class syllabus: Don’t fight at school unless you want to feel the board of education across the seat of your tight jeans!

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Miss Mercy’s Big Paddle

Snow Mercy has had it with the foolish antics of Kailee Robinson and Chloe Elise. After giving both tarts a good spanking over her knee, she drives the lesson home with her great big paddle.

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Gallery: Chloe’s Ultimatum

Chloe Elise catches Kailee Robinson snooping through her desk and snaps a photo of the sexy sneak. She threatens to show the picture to everyone unless Kailee agrees to submit to a very painful hairbrush spanking over her knee.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of Chloe teaching Kailee a hard lesson.

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