September 20, 2014

Clare Spanks Pandora Blake

Clare Spanks Pandora Blake

Disgruntled escort Pandora makes the error of spanking her superior, Madam Clare. After composing herself, Ms. Fonda returns the indignity, bending Pandora over for a good, hard lesson.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of Miss Blake’s bottom feeling the wrath of a hard palm and wooden ruler.

Spanked Call Girls

Aunt Jessica Spanks Ashley

Ashley's Hairbrush Spanking

After being yanked out of bed, Ashley finds herself bare bottomed over Aunt Jessica’s lap, getting painfully acquainted with the wooden spanking brush.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of Ashley’s very spankable backside turning crimson.

Girl Spanks Girl

Gallery: Mouth Soaping

Alex Reynolds is a lifestyle sub with a curvy bottom and a high-tolerance for spanking. Clare Fonda puts Alex to the test with a long series of mother/daughter punishments, even washing the girl’s mouth out with soap.

Click Here and Here for free photos from these traditional discipline scenes.

Gallery: Coed Misbehaves

Petite and gorgeous Elise Graves is staying with her traditional mom for the summer. Whenever the little coed steps out of line, Mother punishes her with a sound spanking.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of Elise getting her sexy bottom smacked.

Gallery: Dani Gets It

Dani Jenson is a saucy little redhead (and an adult video star) who was spanked by her mom growing up. Her adorable voice, sexy derriere and tendency for wiggling make her a very delectable spankee.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of Dani receiving a hot, stinging bottom.

Video: Spanking MILFs

Clare Fonda and Chelsea Pfeiffer play angry soccer moms who spank each other ruthlessly with hand and hairbrush. Once the carnage is over, one spankee has cried real tears while the other is left with a visibly bruised bottom!

Click Here for free video clips of aggressive MILFs beating each other’s butts.

Punished Twice in One Day

Mom gives Beverley Bacci a good hairbrush spanking after the naughty girl was paddled at school. This is one sorry miss who’s going to be sitting quite gingerly when she returns to class tomorrow.

Click Here for free photos of Beverly getting spanked on her already-sore backside.

Video: Cherry and Clare

Chelsea Pfeiffer gives her spanking arm a good workout, tanning a pair of naughty butts belonging to Cherry and Clare.

When her hard right hand gets tired of slapping girl bottom, Chelsea breaks out the hairbrush and wooden paddle!

Click Here for free video clips of the all-girl spanking action.

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