April 2, 2015

Video: Caned in the Buff

“I’m bent over, I’m naked, I’m humiliated, and I’m taking my punishment,” says a nude Michaela McGowen.

For trying to bribe a judge, Cindy Wallace makes the bodacious Michaela bend forward for 17 searing strokes of the cane.

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Video: Red-Hot Rump

Michaela McGowen really shouldn’t have made personal calls at work or spoken badly about her strict boss Cindy Wallace. Such behavior earns Miss McGowen a 50-swat hairbrush spanking on the table, with her sexy legs up and her tight jeans down.

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Video: Chilly Spanking

When Michaela McGowen skips work to go snow boarding, she incurs the wrath of strict Aunt Cindy, who feels the girl’s punishment should fit the crime.

Poor Michaela is sentenced to sit her bare buns in the cold, cold snow, before receiving a wooden-spoon spanking that sets her delicious rear on fire! It’s Firm Hand Spanking’s chill ‘em down and heat ‘em up installment to House Guest from Hell.

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Ten Smacks for Michaela

Ten bare-bottom swats with the school paddle leave spanking superstar Michaela McGowen breathless and throbbing. This is the final scene in the Legal Penalties series, so Cindy Wallace gives Michaela a paddling to remember!

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Cindy’s Real Discipline

It’s bottoms up for Cindy Wallace after she fails to keep her end of an agreement. Now she finds herself in a very compromising position, buns pointed skyward for a severe caning.

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Michaela Gets 40 Hard Ones

It’s a severe bare-bottom strapping for Michaela McGowen in the Firm Hand Spanking production of Legal Penalties. Kneeling on a footstool, Michaela’s legendary booty suffers greatly under the thick and heavy leather strap.

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Forty Strokes for Michaela

Michaela McGowen drinks too many margaritas at a legal function and then blabs about a client’s business. (Bad move!) Miss McGowen is promptly hustled out of the ballroom and punished in a public hallway — dress raised and no panties — with 40 strokes of the tawse. Maybe that will teach her to show some discretion.

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Michaela’s Bouncing Booty

Thirty stinging swats with an antique clothes brush set Michaela McGowen’s glorious bottom aflame in the Firm Hand Spanking production of Legal Penalties. That world-famous bubble butt really takes the heat from spanker Cindy Wallace, and the marks!

“That brush was soooo intense,” Michaela says.

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