April 23, 2014

Mouth Soaping and Birching

Mouth Soaping Amelia

It’s aversion-therapy time for rogue model Amelia Rutherford. First her irate agent pushes a bar of soap into her mouth, before lashing Amelia’s bare bottom 34 times with a wicked bundle of switches.

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Mischievous Maid Punished

Naughty Maid Spanking

Johnny and Sarah return to their hotel room and find a sexy maid trying on Sarah’s expensive lingerie. Rather than call security, they decide to discipline the curious housekeeper themselves.

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Poor Decision Paddling

Spanking Amelia  Rutherford

With her contoured bare bottom aimed skyward, Amelia Rutherford is soundly punished for her questionable career move. Sixty-two solid whacks encourage her to think twice about risking her day job to make spanking videos.

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Two Naughty Girls Spanked

Two Spanked Girls

When unruly coeds Sophie Parker and Amelia Jane Rutherford misbehave at school, they are summoned to the headmaster for punishment. To make matters worse, the girls’ mothers are on hand to witness their bare-bottom spankings.

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Spanking Sarah

Aunty Katie Canes Amelia

Caning Amelia Rutherford

Amelia Rutherford tattles on another girl, but she’s the one who ends up in trouble. After being soundly spanked, Amelia bends over the punishment stool for a good thrashing with Aunty Katie’s favorite cane.

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Her Naked Loopy Caning

Amelia Rutherford Caned

When Amelia Rutherford accepted the job of estate manager, she had no idea that she’d be subjected to ritualistic punishments.

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Gallery: Corner Time

Her shapely bottom still pink and stinging, a repentant blond lovely is given some time for refection at the Girls Boarding School.

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Naughty Jockeys Punished

Caroline's Corporal Punishment

Underhanded equestrians Caroline and Amelia say they had the best of intentions when they fixed the horse race, but that won’t save them from severe thrashings that bring them both to tears.

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