October 24, 2014

Paddling Two Bad Girls

Their Double Spanking

After getting drunk at the office party, two free-spirited young ladies are stripped down to their lingerie and spanked. Then the tipsy tarts have to kneel side-by-side for the corporate paddle.

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Spanking Two Au Pairs

Spanking Au Pairs

When Mrs. Stern catches Jess and Amelia boozing it up in the afternoon, she decides to give both girls the flat of her hand, right where it will do them the most good.

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English Spankers

Amelia Tawsed and Caned

Amelia's Corporal Punishment

Naughty coed Amelia-Jane Rutherford is in big trouble after fighting with girls from a rival academy. For her violation, Amelia is tawsed, caned and forced to kneel on the punishment tray.

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Amelia’s Congratulatory Spanking

Model Spanked Bare

Troublesome fashion model Amelia Rutherford wins a lucrative new contract and her agent decides to celebrate by giving the leggy blonde a good spanking over his knee.

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Well-Punished Party Girl

Spanking Amelia Rutherford

Against her guardian’s wishes, Amelia Rutherford attempts to sneak away for a night of wild fun. When the naughty girl is caught however, she gets a hard, bare bottom spanking, followed by painful lashes with the belt.

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Miss Rutherford’s Firm Caning

Caning Amelia Rutherford

Mr. Clifford administers the final phase of Amelia’s well deserved punishment in the form of a traditional caning, leaving the lovely academician well marked and in tears.

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Hairbrush Spanking Intervention

Her Spanking Intervention

Staging an intervention in Amelia’s home, Pandora and Caroline take turns giving her hard smacks with a wooden hairbrush. In stockings and elegant lingerie, Amelia squeals and continues her bratty protests even as her bottom turns bright red.

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Sophie Spanks Amelia

Sophie Spanks Amelia

Sophie welcomes Amelia to the House of Corrections and then offers to give her a little taste of the punishments she’ll receive. Unfortunately for Amelia, the introductory spanking is a lot longer and harder than she anticipated.

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Spanking Sarah

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