February 26, 2015

Amelia’s Belt Spanking

Spanking Amelia Rutherford

Lying on her tummy with panties lowered, Amelia Rutherford receives 43 strokes of the belt for her misbehavior. Oh how she whimpers as the leather does its work.

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Gallery: Spanked Bellhop

As punishment for her poor service and flagrant disrespect, hotel employee Amelia-Jane Rutherford must take a bare-bottom spanking from heavy-handed guest Dana Specht.

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Niki and Amelia Caged!

Trapped in the tower, Niki Flynn thinks that she and Amelia-Jane Rutherford can escape through an old tunnel in the cellar. Alas, the steel gate is locked! Now the girls will be paddled and stripped by their mysterious captor.

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Amelia’s Razor Strapping

Amelia Rutherford Strapped

Amelia Rutherford thinks she’s scamming the London Tanner by submitting to his kink, but the wily Englishman knows exactly what he’s doing.

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Spanking Sarah

Amelia’s Shower Spanking

Amelia Spanked Wet

Naughty Amelia Rutherford gets her pajama bottoms lowered for discipline. When that doesn’t sufficiently adjust her attitude, she is marched to the shower for additional punishment.

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Paddling Two Bad Girls

Their Double Spanking

After getting drunk at the office party, two free-spirited young ladies are stripped down to their lingerie and spanked. Then the tipsy tarts have to kneel side-by-side for the corporate paddle.

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Spanking Two Au Pairs

Spanking Au Pairs

When Mrs. Stern catches Jess and Amelia boozing it up in the afternoon, she decides to give both girls the flat of her hand, right where it will do them the most good.

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English Spankers

Amelia Tawsed and Caned

Amelia's Corporal Punishment

Naughty coed Amelia-Jane Rutherford is in big trouble after fighting with girls from a rival academy. For her violation, Amelia is tawsed, caned and forced to kneel on the punishment tray.

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