March 28, 2015

Gallery: Tattoo Trouble

Even though Veronica has a tattoo of her own, she forbids her daughter Pixie from ever getting one. However, Pixie disobeys and then points out her mother’s hypocrisy, which earns the silly girl a good hairbrush spanking over mom’s lap.

Click Here for free photos of Pixie feeling Mom’s wrath.


Gallery: Paddled Sitter

Veronica arrives home to find a very large shoe abandoned in the living room, evidence that the babysitter, Pixie, must have had her boyfriend over. Such a flagrant violation of the rules earns the sneaky sitter a good paddling.

Click Here for free photos and video of Pixie taking her punishment.


Video: Halloween Paddling

When the Big Bad Wolf surprises Little Red Riding Hood at grandma’s house, he doesn’t eat her. Instead he paddles the girl’s bottom hard for all the trouble she’s caused him. Soon Little Red’s backside is almost as bright as her cape.

Click Here for free photos and video of costumed Pixie crying wolf!


Video: Pixie’s Strapping

The delightful Amber Pixie Wells flashes the red fanny (and misty eyes) she received in the Punished Brats production of Family Strap.

Click Here for some wonderful free photos and two preview clips.


Video: Painful Penance

Veronica Bound strips down the pajama bottoms of Amber Pixie Wells and cracks the spanking starlet’s shapely rump with a mean wooden paddle – repeatedly and with conviction. Writhing on the mattress, Pixie cries “Please!”

Click Here for the free butt-baring, paddle-cracking preview videos of Pixie getting her naked hiney warmed, courtesy of Punished Brats.


Video: Cheer Brats

Two, four, six, eight! What a sting that paddle makes! Chloe Elise and Amber Pixie Wells take one for the team over at Punished Brats.

Click Here for high-spirited photos and preview clips.


Video: Sorority Spanking

Pixie tips off college administrators about the wild parties thrown by one of the sororities. No one likes a tattle though. After thoroughly punishing the sorority girls, Veronica paddles Pixie right in front of them.

Click Here for free photos and video of Pixie’s very public punishment.


Video: Pixie’s Inspection

When Pixie fails a surprise dorm room inspection, no-nonsense Ms. Chadwick breaks out the leather and gives the girl a good, hard strapping across her well-formed backside.

Click Here for free photos and video of naughty Pixie paying dearly for her violations.


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