August 29, 2014

Video: Painful Penance

Veronica Bound strips down the pajama bottoms of Amber Pixie Wells and cracks the spanking starlet’s shapely rump with a mean wooden paddle – repeatedly and with conviction. Writhing on the mattress, Pixie cries “Please!”

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Video: Cheer Brats

Two, four, six, eight! What a sting that paddle makes! Chloe Elise and Amber Pixie Wells take one for the team over at Punished Brats.

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Video: Sorority Spanking

Pixie tips off college administrators about the wild parties thrown by one of the sororities. No one likes a tattle though. After thoroughly punishing the sorority girls, Veronica paddles Pixie right in front of them.

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Video: Pixie’s Inspection

When Pixie fails a surprise dorm room inspection, no-nonsense Ms. Chadwick breaks out the leather and gives the girl a good, hard strapping across her well-formed backside.

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Video: Halloween Paddling

When the Big Bad Wolf surprises Little Red Riding Hood at grandma’s house, he doesn’t eat her. Instead he paddles the girl’s bottom hard for all the trouble she’s caused him. Soon Little Red’s backside is almost as bright as her cape.

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Video: Over Pixie’s Knee

Ashley throws a huge party and is sure her big sister Pixie will get the blame when mom comes home. But instead, Pixie takes matters into her own hands and gives bratty Ashley a fierce paddling.

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Video: Held Accountable

Pixie was supposed to mail Susan’s car insurance payment, but it slipped her mind. So when Susan gets a ticket for lapsed coverage, she paddles Pixie’s bare bottom with gusto.

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Video: Paddled at School

Pixie and Lily Anna thought it would be a brilliant idea to forge signatures on each other’s disciplinary notices, rather than having their parents sign them. The school Dean isn’t fooled by the deception though, and introduces the girls to the dreaded board of education.

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