Gallery: First Spanking

Amber Spanks Kamarose

Kamarose is a curious, 19-year-old art student who enters Amber Dawn’s lair for naked spanking games, sexy nipple twisting and other forms of girl-on-girl stimulation. Yummy. Click Here for a free photo gallery of this spanking virgin’s first time. … [Read more...]

Gallery: Self Spanking

Amber's Self Spanking

Amber Dawn is itching to have a red bottom, so she peels down her pink tights and spanks her own glorious globes. Of course, Amber eventually removes her barely-there thong as well, allowing her to enjoy some private self-exploration. Click Here for a free photo gallery of Amber’s hanky-spanky playtime. … [Read more...]

Gallery: Kay Tops Amber

Kay Spanks Amber

In another hot bedroom spanking scene, Kay delights in slapping and squeezing Amber Dawn’s bottom, as well as raking Amber’s cheeks with her pointy fingernails. Click Here for free photos of the girl-on-girl erotic discipline. … [Read more...]

Gallery: Amber’s Rosy Bum

Amber's Spanked Bottom

Amber Dawn tastes the painful pleasure of the strap and paddle as she performs in one of her sexy webcam shows. The graphic presentation leaves her shapely buns red, sore and throbbing. Click Here for the free photo gallery of Amber’s steamy online punishment. … [Read more...]

Gallery: Spanking Stephy

Amber Spanks Stephy

Amber Dawn peels model and ex-gymnast Stephy C. out of her tight pants, then works the girl’s sexy bottom over with hand and single-cheek paddle. Click Here for a free photo gallery of Amber and Stephy’s kinky playtime. … [Read more...]

Video: Shibari Discipline

Shibari Spanking

Amber Dawn receives a very naughty, erotic spanking, laced up in elegant rope bondage. With her ball gag firmly in place, she submits to discipline from the strap, crop and ornamental paddle. Click Here for free photos and video of Amber’s sweet torment. … [Read more...]

Gallery: Belting Amber

Amber Dawn Belt Spanking

Amber Dawn has been a very naughty temptress, so off to the bedroom she goes for a hard licking with her boyfriend’s belt. Click Here for a free photo gallery of Amber’s bad-girl punishment. … [Read more...]

Gallery: Zahara’s Initiation

Amber Spanks Zahara

Amber Dawn introduces (and spanks) the exotic and flirtatious Zahara, who’s half Swedish, half Jamaican and 100 percent naughty. Click Here for a free photo gallery of Zahara’s first-ever spanking session. … [Read more...]

Cheerleader Hazing

Bare Bottom Hazing

Amber Dawn has been slaving away as usual. "I train 19-year-old cheerleader Marie on how to be a good web slut. She's lazy and smokes pot, so I have to give her quite a hard spanking!" To see Miss Dawn smacking cute girls and getting spanked herself -- mostly in the buff -- visit the Updates section of Spank Amber. … [Read more...]