Spanking New Releases

Spanking Ivy

Ivy Firmly Spanked

After warming the girl’s skimpy little panties, Lana makes Ivy bare her stinging backside and bend over for more punishment. Click Here for a free photo gallery of Miss Sherwood’s painful domestic discipline. … [Read More...]

Paris Spanks Dia

Cheater Spanked Naked

Paris Kennedy gives Dia Zerva a red-hot bottom for sharing her feminine charms with a boy. An over-the-knee spanking with hand, wooden hairbrush and leather paddle teach the randy girl not to stray. Click Here for free photos of Dia being punished for her heterosexual dalliance. … [Read More...]

Caning Amelia

Requesting 20 Cane Strokes

Lingerie-clad Amelia Rutherford must have developed a taste for the cane, since she voluntarily presents her lovely bottom for a thrashing. Click Here for free photos and video of Miss Rutherford getting a well-striped backside. … [Read More...]

Spanking Model Harley

New Spanking Model Harley

Lovely young Harley Havik makes her spanking debut, playing a secretarial student who is bent over and disciplined by her demanding instructor, Miss Alex Reynolds. Click Here for a free photo gallery of Miss Havik receiving a rosy red bottom. … [Read More...]

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Spanking Model Photos, Galleries and Video Clips

Caning Her Sister

Prison authorities are unaware that inmate Natasha Byrne is actually the sister of one of their … [Read More...]

Amelia Spanks Niki

In a sexy and adorable schoolroom scene written by Miss Rutherford herself, Amelia plays a young … [Read More...]

Chelsea Spanks Amy

Chelsea Pfeiffer is assembling her memoirs, using Amy Hunter as her ghost-writer. However, as … [Read More...]

Tawny Paddles Madison

When a sexy teacher’s assistant (Tawny) mistakenly marks a hot coed (Madison) as being absent from … [Read More...]

Her Nude Caning

“I’m bent over, I’m naked, I’m humiliated, and I’m taking my punishment,” says a nude Michaela … [Read More...]

Maid's Hairbrush Spanking

The master of the house is hosting a huge dinner party and one of his maids is nowhere to be found. … [Read More...]

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Spankings for the Especially Naughty

Spanked in the Kitchen

Video: Maternal Discipline

Stevie is the product of a strict upbringing and usually is very well behaved. But when she’s caught smoking at school, this model student has to take a note home to her mother. Stevie admits to Mom that spankings have always been good for her and that receiving a firm one now might help her […]

Spanked Stripper

Video: Spanked Stripper

Free-spirited Deziire makes a living shaking her bottom in strip clubs, so maybe having a bright-red backside will help increase her tips. Click Here for free photos and video of this exotic dancer being disciplined.

Naked Caning

Gallery: Caned in the Nude

Stripped of all her clothes, a curvy nymphet is bent over a chair and caned to tears, leaving her bottom covered in angry parallel welts. Click Here for the free photo gallery of a naked girl punished by her peers.

She Was Spanked to Tears

Gallery: Marks and Tears

This exotic young lady receives a harsh, over-the-lap spanking with the wooden hairbrush that leaves her bottom marked and her almond eyes wet with tears. Sometimes that’s what happens when you get Spanked at Home. Click Here for free photos of the sorry girl’s butt-bruising punishment.

Kitchen Spanking

Cooking Her Hams

The heat rises in the kitchen when an attractive Japanese housewife is bent over the counter for agonizing swats from a jumbo-sized wooden paddle. Visit the free sample galleries at Cutie Spankee for more photos of petite and pretty Japanese girls getting their little buns warmed.

Kisa's Prison Strapping

Video: Strapping Kisa

Kisa has always been fascinated by spankings and corporal punishment. So much so that she submits to 100 merciless licks of the prison strap across her bare buttocks. (Be careful what you wish for, Kisa.) Click Here for free video of Kisa enduring her institutional ass-whipping.

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