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Mom Spanks Sarah

When Sarah’s mother comes home early from vacation, she is horrified to find condoms in her own … [Read More...]

Spanked Nurse

Student nurse Ella Hughes has been letting doctors spank her bottom in return for money and higher … [Read More...]

Sitter Spanks Casey

Casey is a pretty little thing who was spanked by her mom and her babysitter while growing up. … [Read More...]

Jessica Spanked to Tears

Break out the hanky and enjoy four Free Video Clips from Tears, the movie where gorgeous young women … [Read More...]

Two Girls Paddled

With their pajama bottoms lowered, Sarah and Jenni reluctantly bend over the couch for discipline. … [Read More...]

Birthday Spankings

Bettie Bondage gives ginger-haired Red Hot a good birthday spanking over her knee, complete with … [Read More...]

Dani Spanking Belinda

“I let her have it hard and fast,” laughs Dani Daniels, after punishing her beautiful, busty … [Read More...]

Music Class Spanking

It’s near to the end of term for Miss McLean’s music class and students Aleesha Fox, Alice Appleby, … [Read More...]

SciFi Spanking

Interstellar ensigns Milena and Scarlett ignored their duties while frolicking on the holodeck, so … [Read More...]

Spanking Isobel

Isobel Wren submits to a spanking in the extremely vulnerable and exposed wheelbarrow position. As … [Read More...]

Spanking Jenna

When Star learns that Jenna is skipping class to go out with a sexy girl, she puts the brat over her … [Read More...]

Kailee Paddled Nude

Spanking superstar Kailee poses for post-paddling photos at the Girls Boarding School. Red is an … [Read More...]

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Spankings for the Especially Naughty

Schoolgirl Spanked OTK

Gallery: Punished Students

They may think they’re all grown up, but these naughty students still aren’t too old for a trip over teacher’s knee. And if a good spanking doesn’t change the girls’ behavior, the schoolmistress is more than happy to bend them over for her strap and cane. Click Here for a free photo gallery of the old-fashioned classroom […]

Spanking Stevie

Video: Stevie’s Hairbrush Spanking

Missy walks in to find Stevie playing with her makeup and ruining most of it. After a stern scolding, Missy gives the naughty blonde a good hairbrush spanking and then sends Stevie to her room. Click Here for a free video clip of a mischievous girl getting her bare butt tanned.

Naked Caning Punishment

Video: Her Interrogation

Heartless interrogators order the serving girl to remove her clothes and lay on top of a desk. After binding her exquisite body to the platform, they use a cane to encourage her cooperation. Click Here for free video clips of a helpless miss bucking and twisting beneath the strokes.

Whipped for Flirting

Gallery: Punished Flirt

Xenia’s constant flirtations have finally gone too far — and now she finds herself stripped naked and tied down for punishment. Click Here for free photos of a little tease getting her bottom whipped.

Diaper Position Caning

Gallery: Vicky’s Tears

Vicky learns a painful lesson, courtesy of the narrow spanking stick. The cruel rod strikes her standing up, bent over and finally on her back with legs in the air. Try as she might, poor Vicky can’t hold back the tears. Click Here for a free gallery of Vicky’s emotional punishment, courtesy of Spanking Family.

Sorority Swats

Gallery: Sorority Paddling

Senior sister Carolyn calls out Ann the pledge for lesbian activities in the sorority house. Carolyn maintains that such behavior violates the Lambda Sigma Zeta charter and instantly administers punishment to the lithe brunette. Over-the-knee spanking on Ann’s panties gives way to bare bottom discipline. Finally, Ann is given a dose of the traditional Lambda […]

Secretary Spankings

Video: Secretary CP

A novice secretary arrives at her new job and is amazed to discover that the girl she’s replacing is getting spanked on her last day. Then on the company tour, the newbie observes a paralegal being caned for fudging her numbers. It’s only a matter of time, of course, before the new girl gets her […]

Pretty Blonde Caned

Gallery: Purple Knickers

The girl’s purple panties don’t cover much of her bottom, but at least they provided a tiny bit of protection against the cane. Too bad they didn’t stay up for long. Click Here for a free photo gallery of wicked cane strokes painting the girl’s creamy pale flesh.

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More Posts from this Category