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Tutor Spanks Her

Video: Her Tutor’s Brush

With exam time getting close, the girl’s parents hire a strict headmistress as a tutor, giving the uncompromising woman free rein to spank, strap and cane their daughter into shape. Click Here for free video clips of a lazy student being tutored, the old-fashioned way. … [Read More...]

Caning Amelia

Video: Amelia’s Caning Fantasy

Bending over in a school uniform, long-legged Amelia Rutherford receives 18 strokes of the cane across her perfect bottom. Click Here for free photos and video of Amelia’s sexy corporal punishment roleplay. … [Read More...]

Dana Spanks Sarah

Gallery: Traditional OTK Spanking

Out of patience with Sarah’s bad behavior, Dana Specht puts the naughty girl across her lap for a very hard, bare-bottom hand spanking. If that doesn’t do the trick, maybe Dana’s cane and hairbrush will. Click Here for a free photo gallery from this old-fashioned, panties-down domestic discipline scene. … [Read More...]

Brush Spanking

Video: Brush Spanking Samantha

In one of Samantha Woodley’s earliest videos, the budding starlet receives a very long, hard spanking by hand, paddle, razor strop and wooden hairbrush. Click Here for free photos and video of Miss Woodley’s young bottom meeting the brush. … [Read More...]

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Spanking Model Photos, Galleries and Video Clips

Spanking SaraLiz

Glamour and fetish model SaraLiz has stripped naked for both Playboy and Penthouse, and now she can … [Read More...]

Brush Spanking Lorraine

Lorraine cut class and then tried to lie about it to Aunt Veronica. She may have gotten away with … [Read More...]

Leia-Ann Woods Canes Her

Leia-Ann Woods takes the cane to naughty schoolgirls Kami Robertson, Emma Bishop and Lucy McLean in … [Read More...]

Spanked Stepsister

In this kinky re-imagining of the classic fairytale, Cinderella (played by Kat St. James) asserts … [Read More...]

Chelsea Spanks January

January Seraph plays an unmotivated young woman, a thieving secretary and an ungrateful roommate in … [Read More...]

Adora Spanks Sinn

Sinn Sage introduced her friend Adora to the joys of erotic spanking. Now the tatooed blonde returns … [Read More...]

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Spankings for the Especially Naughty

Spanking Bench Punishment

Spanking Bench Fantasy

Naked over the bench with her ankles taped together, Claire’s corporal punishment dream becomes a stark reality. Will the intensity exceed her expectations? Visit the Recent Updates area at Bi Spanking for more free photos of uninhibited, girl-loving spankos receiving red-hot backsides.

Nude Whipping

Gallery: Forest Whipping

Deep in the forest primeval, a well-endowed young woman is stripped of her clothes and tied to a sturdy pine. The lass struggles helplessly as the whip strikes her backside again and again, her breasts chaffing painfully against the tree bark. Click Here for a free photo gallery of this naked blonde’s ordeal, courtesy of […]

Very Well Spanked

Gallery: Well Spanked

An attractive miss nurses her aching, blotchy backside after a sound spanking. By the looks of things, she won’t be sitting comfortably for quite some time. Click Here for the free photo gallery of this pretty young woman tending her bottom.

Caning Her Sister

Forced to Cane Her Sister

Prison authorities are unaware that inmate Natasha Byrne is actually the sister of one of their guards, Zoe Harrison. This makes for an interesting dynamic when Zoe is forced to discipline Natasha in front of the prison Governor. Take the free tour at Bars and Stripes for secret photos and video of corporal punishment, bondage, […]

Blonde Girl Spanked to Tears

Gallery: Tearful Spankee

The blonde girl struggles to maintain composure during the brisk OTK spanking, but as the heat in her young bottom rises, she can’t prevent tears from welling up. Click Here for a free photo gallery of a pretty girl reacting naturally to her punishment.

Girls in Big Trouble

Gallery: Girls in Trouble

In the land of the Cossacks, students are subjected to much harsher discipline than they are in the decadent west. This picture documents a very sorry group of Russian girls being punished by their merciless school matron. Click Here for a free photo gallery of crimson welts rising on creamy girlish butts.

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