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OTK Bath Brush Spanking

Lizzy Madison gives sticky-fingered nanny Michaela McGowen a good dose of the brush for pilfering … [Read More...]

Niki Flynn Brush Spanking

Niki Flynn has been especially bad, so in addition to receiving a spanked bottom, she knows she can … [Read More...]

Sorority Girl Paddled

New pledge Karina arrives at the sorority house where she meets Kat, who’s been left in charge while … [Read More...]

Samantha Woodley Mouth Soaping

She’s stolen and she’s lied, so even Samantha Woodley must admit that she’s earned her 74 strokes of … [Read More...]

Snow Mercy Spanked

Willowy Nikki Rouge demonstrates how she exerts control over her much larger girlfriend, Snow Mercy. … [Read More...]

Bettie Spanks

Naughty tenants Bunny and Luna have violated the apartment rules again, so Bettie Bondage uses … [Read More...]

Her British Spanking

American pinup model Ludella gets a taste of firm-handed British discipline, playing an errant coed … [Read More...]

Brush Spanking Alex

When Mom finds a scandalous lingerie set, complete with crotchless panties, in her daughter’s … [Read More...]


Adriana plays a defiant daughter who sasses her no-nonsense mom to the point where she not only … [Read More...]

Spanked by Niki Flynn

Niki Flynn thought that watching Kate James would be easy money, plus she could use the time to … [Read More...]

Wet Spanking

Veronica Ricci plays a Russian ballet instructor who catches two American students (Lana Lopez and … [Read More...]

Spoiled and Spanked

Jenni Mack, Ten Amorette and Sarah Gregory each receive a painful lesson in manners at the hands of … [Read More...]

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Spankings for the Especially Naughty

Kay Richards Spanks

Gallery: Kay Paddles Ashley

Whenever Kay Richards is late with the rent, she gets her butt spanked hard by the landlady. So when Kay’s roommate fails to pay her share, Kay takes it upon herself to administer some motivational punishment. Click Here for a free photo gallery of Miss Richards spanking tushy.

Paddled Slave Girl

Video: Sexual Spanking

A lusty slave girl receives sensual discipline from her mistress, who is more than eager to rain the paddle down upon her pet’s plump, receptive bottom. Click Here for free video clips of the girl-on-girl spanking and mutual stimulation.

Betty Paddles Her

Alex Gets Her Bottom Paddled

Betty catches Alex with a cigarette and wastes no time dragging the girl OTK for a firm paddling her bare behind. Afterwards, Alex stays in time out with her red butt on public display. Visit the free Latest Updates area at the Real Spankings Institute for more photos of pretty girls getting the paddle applied […]

Her OTK Caning

Gallery: Loopy Caning

Amy Hunter may be all grown up, but she’s never too old to be soundly Spanked at Home. Nothing straightens out a bad attitude faster than a pants-down spanking with the loopy cane. Click Here for free sample photos from this hot domestic discipline scene.

Judicial Caning

Video: Sophia’s Judicial Caning

Having pled guilty to driving under the influence, voluptuous redhead Sophia Locke faces prison time and fines, unless she agrees to a 24-stroke caning while bound nude over the spanking bench. Click Here for an extended video preview of Sophia getting cane welts applied to her backside.

Erotic Spanking Fantasy

Their Mutual Spanking Fantasy

Sinn Sage and Cherry Torn hook up at a party and discover that they have mutual interests — beginning with each other! The ladies take it back to Sinn’s place, where they indulge in some girl-on-girl sexual spanking games. Visit the Free Preview area at Spank Sinn for complimentary video clips of this bisexual fetishist performing […]

Punished with a Switch

Gallery: Whippy Switch

A platinum-blonde lass is sunbathing in her blue swimsuit, when her disciplinarian arrives to whip her young bottom with a slender, knobby switch. Unfortunately, the tight swimsuit material stretched across the girl’s butt offers her very little protection! Click Here for the free photo gallery of this punished miss changing into street clothes and inspecting […]

Bottoms Up Hairbrush Spanking

Gallery: Bed and Brush

A misbehaving lass receives her comeuppance at bedtime, with her pajama bottoms yanked down and her legs hoisted skyward for punishment. Click Here for a free photo gallery of her very intense spanking with a wooden brush.

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More Posts from this Category